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Time.png Outdated: Due to outstanding issues, and the lack of time necessary to perform needed conversion to use Storage Groups, MTD has been removed as of the 0.24 release of MythTV.

When the MythVideo plugin is installed it includes the option of "Ripping" of DVDs for storage on your Myth box. It can save the main title from a DVD as an MPEG-4 avi file and place it in your MythVideo collection. Various options are given to allow you to balance space vs quality.

DVD Rip Settings

The default settings work fine for most situations. The location for the ripped DVDs might need to be adjusted, normally you want the path to be access from MythVideo for playback.

By default the DVD drive is configured as /dev/dvd but this can be changed to suit your distro.

Important.png Note: A really, really important thing to get right is to enable DMA on your DVD drive.

MTD ( Myth Transcoding Daemon )

To rip or transcode the DVD you need the MTD ( Myth Transcoding Daemon ) running, it should start automatically but may need to be started manually. Transcoding provides the ability to compress the DVD further and keep near to original quality.


You are now ready to RIP the DVD, using the 'Import DVD' menu option (location will vary according to menu theme). You should see a list of available VOBs to RIP from the DVD.

You should select the VOBs you wish to transcode, generally the largest VOB is the movie and the smaller ones are extras. It's a good idea to use the View feature to ensure you're ripping the audio and video track you really mean to and not, for instance, the director/cast commentary.

You can also adjust the quality, which will automatically setup the transcoding profile. Perfect Quality saves the MPEG-2 stream intact and is (by far) the fastest option, but also consumes the most disk space. The other options create smaller files, but use more CPU and provide less quality.

When you are ready to begin transcoding press the 'Begin Rip' button to start the transcoding process.

The import consists of several automated steps:

  1. Copy the VOB video and Auido files to a temporary file (apprx 30Min). For "Perfect" it stops here.
  2. First Pass Transcode of the Video and audio files (approx 1 hour per hour of movie)
  3. Second Pass Transcode to reduce the file size even further (approx 1 hour per hour of movie)

If you have specified the quality to be "good", it will call transcode to do the .vob -> .avi with Xvid or DivX.

The transcode time will depend on the speed of your processor (numbers given using AMD XP2800).

Once Transcode has finished you should find the new compressed movie in your Videos directory, which is visible via the Myth Video manager.

Rip/Transcode Options

Select Select this Video file for transcoding. A DVD will typically include multiple video files, eg trailers, directors commentary etc.
Name The title of the DVD RIP
Quality Options available are dependant on the DVD inserted
  • Perfect : Available for all Discs. Makes an exact copy of the MPEG file
  • Excellent : 4:3 and 16:9 non-letterboxed Only. Transcode the MPEG file at a high bitrate. Resultant files size is approx 2GB
  • Good : All Other . Transcode the MPEG file at average bitrate. Resultant file size is approx 800MB
Audio Track Select which of the Audio tracks available on the DVD you want encoded with the video
AC3 Audio Encode the AC3 Dolby digital surround audio track
Subtitles Encode the Subtitiles with the video
View Preview the Movie during Transcode
      • If you want to rip to an ISO file, you will only have to select one title.

This is not clear from the ripper or the online docs, so I am adding this little tip in order to save others some time and hard drive space. ;-) --High Noonan 16:46, 22 March 2007 (UTC)