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This section is for the layouts and internal detail of the tables Myth stores in your database engine; either MySQL or (hopefully sometime soon) PostgreSQL.

There will be one page for each table; it will list each field, what it does, it's domain, and what other tables link to it, as well as a paragraph at the top explaining the semantics. Hopefully, the development team will help out on this one; inferring database semantics is a mug's game, at best.


Thanks to Kevin Kuphal for doing the original keying of this stuff, so that all I had to do was copy, paste, and annotate.


command line

Use the mysql command on the host running the database:

% mysql -u mythtv -pmythtv mythconverg

SQL commands can be issued at the mysql> prompt.


Try phpMyAdmin.

mythconverg database


Use the following SQL to list all of the table names in the mythconverg database:

SHOW tables

To list the structure of an individual table:

DESCRIBE name_of_table

To generate the SQL necessary to recreate a table:

SHOW CREATE TABLE name_of_table


Information about tables within the mythconverg database at schema 1123, MythTV 0.19