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The MythTV system is built upon a MySQL database. If this database is corrupted then many things may go wrong. -- so backup the database often.

For now this is just a summary of things that may happen when single tables are corrupted/deleted. If you suspect a database error then you should look out for MySQL error messages like "Cannot open file table.MYI" in the logs of MythTV.

If a table gets corrupted then usually you have to drop (delete) it an then create it anew. You should have basic knowledge of SQL to do this. The creation code for all tables is located in the mythtv source folder in the file libs/libmythtv/dbcheck.cpp .

recordedseek table (up to 0.19)

MythTV here stores seek marks for recorded shows and special marks for the cutlist and commercial flagging. This table can grow quite large.

Corruption of this table leads to problems when seeking in recordings or when editing recordings:

  • fast forward/rewind works only erratically or very slowly,
  • editing does not work or is excruciatingly slow.

Some of these errors can be remedied by regenerating the seek table for all or a specific recording using mythcommflag --rebuild.