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MythTV is primarily written in C++. Feel free to talk to us about your code and experiments in our mailinglists and chatgroups or code something and submit it as a patch or feature to us.

Getting started

The simplest and best way to get started coding on MythTV is by downloading the code(from subversion), compile and run it on your machine. To do this just simply follow any installation manual for MythTV.

After this you can experiment with the code, recompiling it and test it on your machine. When your familiar with the code your could try to pick-up a ticket to solve a bug or build a new feature.

When your code is ready

When your code is ready for the public, check the Submitting Bug Fixes page for information on how this is done.

How we work together

Almost all of the development activity goes through the mythtv-dev mailing list. When you have an interesting idea, subscribe to mythtv-dev, review its archive, and ask if anybody else is working on it. Some people might want to help you with figuring things out, and on the other hand, you might also be of assistance to existing efforts.

There is also the possibility to chat in realtime with other developers as you can findout here.

Your idea might already exist

There is a change your idea already exist -- it's a big project, and the features are sometimes a little tricky to find. Before spending time developing a new concept, try these steps:

  • Look through all of the settings pages in MythFrontend and setup. Sometimes the feature you want isn't in the place you'd expect, or it's using a different name.
  • Read the keys.txt file in the Myth distribution. Many options are documented here, and you may not know of their existence.
  • Search Trac reports to see if someone's submitted a bug report or feature request. You may be able to help by adding more information and clarifying the original report.
  • Search the mythtv-dev archive to see if someone's already discussed the feature. It may have been rejected because of some unforeseen consequence, or someone may already be working on it.


In the Plug-in development guide we will explain you in a few simple steps how you can build your own plugin for MythTV. All this is explained in a Walk-through example having you build your first (Hello world)plugin within 30 minutes (no need to read any other stuff on this site).

Developing MythTV themes

Required skills: Light technical knowledge, feeling for layout and design

If you are interested in creating a new theme, than you can read:

I've got this great idea...

Every project has a leader, MythTV is lead by its creator Isaac. But, some users have taken the time to suggest items to go on a Feature Wishlist. If you are a developer looking for a project, this might be a place look for some ideas proposed from the user community. Understand that these features may not represent what the project maintainers are looking for. A quick note to the myth-dev mailing list with your intentions will often result in feedback on the viability of your ideas in the project.

Some helpfull pages to keep close

If you are new to developing Myth, these pages can help you through the process: