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The DisplaySize setting in the X configuration files should be used to ensure that text and graphical elements of MythTV's user interface align. Themes are designed so that alignment will occur at 100 x 100 DPI (dots per inch). Therefore, you should specify a DisplaySize that results in 100 x 100 DPI.

Add the following lines to your X configuration file (XF86Config or xorg.conf) in the Section "Monitor":

# For 1920x1080 at 100dpi  (16:9)
#       DisplaySize  487 274
# For 1280x720 at 100dpi  (16:9)
#       DisplaySize  325 182
# For 1280x960 at 100dpi (4:3)
#       DisplaySize  325 243
# For 1024x768 at 100dpi  (4:3)
#       DisplaySize  260 195
# For 800x600 at 100dpi  (4:3)
#       DisplaySize  203 153
# For 640x480 at 100dpi  (4:3)
#       DisplaySize  162 121

then uncomment (remove the pound symbol/hash at the beginning of the line) the DisplaySize line that's appropriate for your display hardware. See, also, the FAQ for more details and for information about setting DPI when using NVIDIA drivers.

If setting your system to use the proper DPI results in fonts that are too large or too small, do not change the DPI to adjust font sizes. Instead, edit the <font> elements in your theme's *ui.xml files.