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Documentation always has room for improvement and often lags behind features. Good documentation is important for any project to help new users and developers to get started. Which is important for MythTV to grow and improve.

So here are a few suggestions that might provide you with a starting point. Note that this list is not an official statement of what should be done on our documentation or anything. It's just a list of things that are important and useful. In any case we welcome your contributions. Similarly, if you can think of things to add to the list than please do.


Below you'll find a summary of things that needs to be done in this manual.

The following list contains documentation stuff we need to work on. Please update this list if you have completed something our start working on a task. The list is orderd from important to less important (not important stuff should not be mentioned ;) ).

  1. The chapter about DVB-C in the wiki-manual needs work, its empty.
  2. The chapter about DVB-T in the wiki-manual needs work, its empty, possible it works the same as dvb-c? in that case we should combine these topics.
  3. The chapter about IP-TV in the wiki-manual needs work, its empty at the moment.

quickstart chapter quickstart chapter needs to be added to tell the reader what to read/not to read when you just want to get mythTV up and running. e.g. could be a short description how to quickly walk through the manual without te need to read to much. This works better than a sepparate chapter with redundant data because this needs te be maintained and the reader can beter find surrounding information about an quickstart topic.

installing > configuring > using

of course someone who needs to setup a dvb-s device does not need to read the chapter about analogue cards. Both do need to read the chapter about setting up capture cards in general. this needs to be

Add reading signs need to add reader signs to chapters and paragraphs so a reader knows if he needs to read it. Need to add the following reading signs:

  • no mark:
  • Information: nice to know but not necessary for setting up/working with MythTV
  • Advanced: not for beginning MythTV users
  • QuickStart: Chapter of paragraph is part of the quickstart guide.