Dummy Tuner

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For people who require a tunerless backend, are developing in a Virtual Machine or are on a test-only system you will not normally be able to or need to access a tuner which limits alot of the development and testing you can do.

Below describes how you can add a dummy tuner just for the purpose of getting guide data in, you will not be able to play this back in LiveTV or record from this.


  • Create a valid MPEG2 file on the machine.
  • Create a new capture card
    • Set the Card Type to 'Analog V4L capture card' or MPEG encoder
    • Set the Video Device to the location of your MPEG2 file
  • Create your video source as normal
  • Go to channel editor
    • Add new channel (Ensure you add an XMLTV ID)
  • Gather listing data as per normal