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While MythTV is very good at skipping commercials, usually, sometimes it doesn't do so well. If you want to edit out commercials yourself, it's actually very easy.

  • Enter Edit Mode by pressing E on the keyboard. If commercial detection is enabled, Z will load the detected commercials.
  • Move forward and back in the video file using the forward and back keys to move forward or back by one time unit (defaults to 1 second), and using the < and > keys you can move forward and back by 10 units at a time. Use Up and Down to change the time unit - values are 1 frame, 0.5 seconds, 1 second, 5 seconds, 20 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes. Use the Page Up and Page Down keys to move between cut points.
  • When you locate the start of a commercial, just press the enter or space key and select 'Delete after this frame' from the pop up menu.
  • When you locate the end of a commercial, press the enter or space key and select 'Delete before this frame' from the pop up menu.
  • When you've completed your editing, press E. The very tail of the video will play and you'll pop back to the watch recorded programs screen.
  • If you, or automatic detection, have bollocksed up the list enough, then the 'Home key will clear the list.

That's it. Now when you watch the program it will be commercial free.