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The electronic program guide EPG, allows you to see what is currently being shown on the channels you receive. The EPG is color coded, each color represents a different category of show. The colors are determined by the theme currently being used and can be customized by editing the file �ui.xml� in the directory for the theme.

The guide needs data from somewhere. In North America you can get this data from Data Direct (see Data Direct How To), in other parts of the world you use XmlTv. "mythfilldatabase" retrieves the program data and should be run nightly. Starting with version 0.19, DVB-T sources can use EIT to build the program guide.


The arrow keys are used to move the highlighted program point around. The keys A, D, S, W perform the same as left, right, down and up. Page Up and Page Down move the channel list up or down a page. Home and End move the highlight left or right by one day. Control-Left and Control Right and < and > move the highlight left or right by one page. The keys 9, 3, 7 and 1 (like a numeric keypad) perform the same as Page Up, Page Down, Home and End.

Reccomended remote bindings: Chan Up/Down to Page Up/Down, FFWD/REW to < and >.


INFO (default key "I") will bring up more information about a show, and allow you to schedule a recording. If you select "Record this showing" while watching Live TV you can "Instant Record" a program.

RECORD (default key "R") will change the current item from Recording/Not-Recording. Successive keypresses cycle through the scheduled recording type list.

MENU (default key "M") will change the channel. (Live TV mode only)

"X" will change the channel without leaving the EPG causing the preview window to display the new channel. (Live TV mode only)

TOGGLEFAV (default key "?") will mark/unmark the highlited channel as a "favorite".

NEXTFAV (default key "/") will toggle the EPG between showing just "favorites" and all channels. "4" will also do the same thing.

Usability tip: There is a confiuration option available in the guide settings to enable SELECT (enter) to change the channel when using the EPG in Live TV mode. With setting on, pressing SELECT with a show highlited will change the channel if the show is currently on, or about to be on, otherwise it will allow you to schedule a recording. The threshold for determining when to change the channel and when to record is also adjustable in the guide settings.