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This articles represents a subsection of the Feature Wishlist.

New Plugins

  • Myth2go: Plugin to auto transcode videos for portable devices like ipod or psp. Like myth2ipod but more general.
  • MythIM (AIM, MSN and Yahoo) use libgaim or jabber/XMPP or both, can be a subset of MythPhone (at least two people support this)
  • MythTrailer: Fetches or Streams automatically Trailers from the Apple's Trailerpage or maybe Dave's Trailerpage like FrontRow in Mac OS X does. Apple even provide an RSS Link (feed://images.apple.com/trailers/rss/newtrailers.rss) MythAppleTrailers
  • MythLibrary: Move functionality around so that files could be navigated based upon their properties, i.e. and especially music files categorized by ID3 information so that "Music" could be browsed, by (as the user prefers and can select), "Artist" with submenus "Album" sorted by "Year of Release," for example. Allow this for video, music, and pictures. Allow mythmusic to play the files selected in the background, and continue playing until some new selection of files is picked. This would take away the browsing problem from MythTV, and allow good integration of MythMFD-style process. **I would like to add a second vote for this. Integrate mythmusic, mythgallery, mythvideo and tv recordings into a single plugin. Display and sorting should be fully configurable based on media type. Here I envision a configurable playlist generation that can group TV series for display, generate playlists from multiple media types and even replace sound with background music tracks. So we have one display engine and on playlist engine that should be able to create most of the functionality people want.
  • MythTraffic: A plugin that would give you local traffic reports, some what like the mythweather plug in just have it listed in the frontend menu.
  • MythMPD: To control an MPD with an interface just like MythMusic. This could provide a fix for the music-in-the-background requests and allow easier handling of playlists. It shouldn't be too hard since MythMusic could be used as the basis. There exists a programm like this for MythTV : mfd. But there is less development on that at the moment... MythMPD implements some of these features.
  • Add a slimserver client
  • MythAlarm
  • MythCommander. It would be great to have an Filemanager like Midnight Commander. And it would be nice if you could not only move and rename files but also unrar/zip/tar them. Q? How would one do file management with a remote control?
  • Add an ebay module to watch and update active bids
  • Support for blog entries from inside of Myth - provide hotkey that will open a quick form to add an entry to blogger or other common blog. Included in the posting would be the information about the show being watched at the moment - would be ideal to have a transparent overlay window for text entry so blog entry could be posted while still wathcing TV - useful to blog about a debate or talk show
  • A convenient way to comment on movies in IMDB after watching them. I.E. At the end of watching a MOVIE, add an option to the delete menu to jump to IMDB "post a review" for this movie (or a link to tvtome to comment on an episode of a series?)
  • Add local movie showtimes module - PATCH for this here
  • Add a Test Screen to help adjust TV colors correctly to view MythTV at the very best -- also add test sound effects for stereo, 5+1 sounds, etc sound debugging. This would be a nice addition to setup in Myth. -- possibly lprof-1.09 tools
  • Add an "Export Recordings" mode under "Manage Recordings" that interfaces with mkmovie, nuvexport and nuv2avi in some integrated fashion so that TV recordings could easily be exported from MythTV without dropping to the commandline to do so.
  • Music Play Daemon (mpd) support.
  • X10 Support possibly by integrating with Misterhouse
Misterhouse is a bit bloated, somethig like bottlerocket would be a better place to start
  • Integrate myth2iPod, 2 into mythtv plugins package. It would also be nice if this were combined with a script that could convert any videos stored in mythvideo thus allowing anything viewable from mythtv to be played on an ipod
  • Mythbuster: A plugin similiar to Mythflix that integrates into Blockbuster On-line instead of Netflix. May be limited to Blockbuster's technology and lack of RSS.
  • MythWebcam: BabyCam / security cam via PiP, put a webcam in the baby's room and have MythTV display it via PiP. Might also be usefull together with the mentioned Motion software to see if someone at your doorbell. MythPhone maybe? Another possible program to interface with for this is ZoneMinder which is a prominent Linux video camera security and surveillance solution.
  • MythMusicVideo: You list what songs & artists you want, and MTV, VH1, and CMT videos automatically start recording (whatever one you select). They always put the songs info in the corner, so some quick OCR should give you what you want. If it is not on your list, MythTV would not keep, otherwise save with singer's name and the song title.
  • A way to UpdateBookmarksFromFile
  • A distributed TV show recommendation system, ie, I like to watch show 'X' and a majority of MythTV users that record 'X' also record 'Y', so the system would recommend and offer to require the next showing of 'Y' for my viewing pleasure.
  • MythFax: Although not necesarily a "media" feature, it would be really helpful if there were a way to run a fax service in the background with a Myth front end. Popups on the screen when a fax arrives, fax logs, etc. (This is a job for MythNotify)
  • MythCaller: With a phone line plugged into the system, it would be great to get popups of the CallerID information on screen to help me decide if I want to talk to my mother or not ;) (This is the job MythNotify was designed for)
  • MythMiniFrontend - For those that want to keep an eye on the cricket (or baseball, or soccer) in a small corner of the screen, or a cut down GUI for MythMusic.
  • Add a Karaoke plug-in
  • MythMe: You recommend a show to your friends who also have MythTV, and your friends can either choose to automatically record the show, approve the recording of the show, or decline the recording of the show. Over time the social network builds up an ever-improving model of your tastes (and your friends tastes), and improves its ability to forward recommendations successfully.
  • MythDDR: dance dance revolution on the myth box?
  • MythChanger: Support for media changers such as Vaio XL1B2, uniquely identify DVDs, offload batch CD ripping / DVD inventory jobs to a suitable daemon. List DVDs in MythVideo with appropriate meta data.
  • MythSeriesAnalyser: Work out the series (season) and episode number from IMDb or by user entered data to allow someone to watch every episode in order of the series
  • A plugin to add search terms to the Azureus RSS Import plugin. As it is, the RSS Import plugin can monitor RSS feeds for a set of user defined terms and download the associated files directly into your video folder. Adding a plugin to MythTV to read/write those terms would be handy.
  • MythBOINC: Display BOINC (distributed computing solving scientific problems with unused cpu ressources) fullscreen graphics and project statistics (can be extracted from boinc-client protocol files - see KBoincSpy).
  • MythTube: A plugin to browse and watch videos from sites as YouTube and video.google.com (I would love to be able to watch some of these on my TV, maybe using something like Clive) (just an idea for now, no time for code I'm sorry to say)
  • Mythradio: a plugin to make use of radio hardware like the PVR 350 type of TV cards.
  • Mythchannel: A plugin to set TV channels/frequencies and edit them to your liking (common in Europe) from a selected frontend. An inexperienced user shouldn't have to go into the backend to set the frequencies when the channel operator changes them again.

UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) server and client features

All UPnP AV (UPnP = Universal Plug and Play Protocol, and AV = Audio/Video) connectivity and communication protocols to make MythTV be fully UPnP compliant on both the back-end (server) side and the front-end (client) side. So that both MythTV's back-end and front-end is intercooperative with other UPnP servers and clients, (then especially other HTPC applications, both open sourced ones and closed source commersial ones, thus the end-user can choose the best 'back-end' and the best 'front-end' which suits their needs, like a MediaPortal back-end, or a XBMC front-end togther with MythTV). For more information see MythTV developers notes on UPnP.

Note! UPnP could be implemented one or more native feature(s) or one or more plugin(s):
  • UPnP AV MediaServer - which is the UPnP-server (a 'slave' device) that share/stream media-data (like audio/video/picture/files) to UPnP-clients on the network). Now a UPnP AV MediaServer has already been implemented into MythTV back-end but the code classes could be updated according to the v2.0 specifications to be UPnP v2 compliant.
  • UPnP SSDP Discovery Service in both MythTV back-end and front-end to make the MythTV and MythTV auto-discover each other. If not into to both then at least into the MythTV front-end to let it (and other UPnP-clients) auto-detect the MythTV back-end over a local-network.
  • UPnP Remote User Interface (RUI) server/client (in MythTV back-end and front-end respectivly) - which recieves/sends control-commands beween the UPnP-server and UPnP-client over network, (like record, schedule, play, pause, stop, etc.). With UPnP RUI in both MythTV back-end and front-end, the front-end can control/command the back-end via UPnP, and since UPnP is a standard other 'front-ends' which also feature UPnP RUI can also control/command the MythTV back-end, and the MythTV front-end can control/command other 'back-ends' if they feature UPnP RUI.
  • UPnP MediaServer ControlPoint - which is the UPnP-client (a 'master' device) that can auto-detect UPnP-servers on the network to browse and stream media/data-files from them. Should be implemented into
  • UPnP MediaRenderer DCP - which is a 'slave' device that can render content.
  • UPnP RenderingControl DCP - control MediaRenderer settings; volume, brightness, RGB, sharpness...).

Note! UPnP could be implemented one or more native feature(s) or one or more plugin(s).