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This articles represents a subsection of the Feature Wishlist.

New Plugins

  • MythAlarm
  • Add a Test Screen to help adjust TV colors correctly to view MythTV at the very best -- also add test sound effects for stereo, 5+1 sounds, etc sound debugging. This would be a nice addition to setup in Myth. -- possibly lprof-1.09 tools
  • MythMusicVideo: You list what songs & artists you want, and MTV, VH1, and CMT videos automatically start recording (whatever one you select). They always put the songs info in the corner, so some quick OCR should give you what you want. If it is not on your list, MythTV would not keep, otherwise save with singer's name and the song title.
  • MythMiniFrontend - For those that want to keep an eye on the cricket (or baseball, or soccer) in a small corner of the screen, or a cut down GUI for MythMusic.
  • Mythchannel: A plugin to set TV channels/frequencies and edit them to your liking (common in Europe) from a selected frontend. An inexperienced user shouldn't have to go into the backend to set the frequencies when the channel operator changes them again.
The backend must be restarted to accept the new channels anyway, so what's the difference putting it in mythfrontend or mythtv-setup.
A limited channel editor is available in livetv mode in the frontend.
  • MythDocument: basically something that would allow mythtv to display some different documents (e.g. OpenOffice, MS Office, PDF, etc.) with a nice remote-driven interface.

Collaborative Recommendation system

  • MythWant: A module that analyses viewing habits and records things it thinks you'll like, allows you to record the first few showings of all new series, setup desire lists of programs that will be recorded if they are ever shown (allow selection of program by browsing TMDB?), possibly a suggested program feature with community based recommendations.
  • MythCrowd: A distributed TV show recommendation system, ie, I like to watch show 'X' and a majority of MythTV users that record 'X' also record 'Y', so the system would recommend and offer to require the next showing of 'Y' for my viewing pleasure. (Could this be achieved using a UI extension of TVWish unoffical plugin? The UI would permit people to post recommendations to a website. The website generates a file for subscribed TVWish users; you can already subscribe to these files in TVWish. An example of a website generated file would be a file for "Top rated movies of all time". Seems like a much simpler application to build in this way as it would only need to be a simple UI that posts recommendations to a website. Either websites need to have code to generate this file or TVWish needs to be able to gather the information from RSS feeds, although no RSS feeds of this time can be presently found.)
  • MythMe: You recommend a show to your friends who also have MythTV, and your friends can either choose to automatically record the show, approve the recording of the show, or decline the recording of the show. Over time the social network builds up an ever-improving model of your tastes (and your friends tastes), and improves its ability to forward recommendations successfully. (http://www.mythtvtalk.com/forum/general/11607-looking-mythme-alpha-testers.html)
  • see also article TechCrunch: beeTV Raises $8 Million For Stunning Personal TV Recommendation System]

Web Video Playback

  • Netflix WatchNow - I am looking to switch from GBPVR to MythTV and one great Plugin GBPVR has is the Netflix WatchNow Plugin; it's Beta but works very well. Viewing the list of shows is difficult but I was able to watch the First Season of 30 Rock without any issues. They used the RSS feature to access the account and download the movies.
Not easily accomplished. Netflix requires certain DRM code available in Silverlight, but not in Moonlight. GBPVR can do Netflix streaming because it runs only on Windows, where Silverlight is available.
Not easily accomplished" sounds like it is possible....is it? I would be interested in putting a bounty on this idea (or fundraising) if it is possible Tguadagno 17:36, 27 January 2014 (UTC)
It's possible if you either get Netflix to agree to some form of DRM-free access to their content such that MythTV could use it, or have MythTV launch a virtual machine running Windows and software that can use the DRM'd content. wagnerrp 20:28, 27 January 2014 (UTC)
I don't think Netflix will allow DRM-free, but is there a way to develop the drm that would work..I mean, if Moonlight has everything except DRM, could DRM be developed for that? Sorry if it is a silly question. I am also interested in a Amazon Prime plug-in. Are there DRM libraries available for Amazon Prime?--thanks!
It's likely not in their ability to offer DRM-free content, even if they wanted to. For now, Amazon Prime uses flash video, which is available on Linux. An Amazon Prime module for MythNetvision will be available as soon as someone writes some code to handle user authentication cookies. The entire purpose of DRM is to protect the content from the user, so the software that implements DRM must in turn be protected from the user. It is not possible for open source software like Moonlight to implement any form of DRM. DRM requires closed binaries. wagnerrp 23:17, 27 January 2014 (UTC)
I just read your comment on Amazon prime and i think that would be a fantastic addition to myth....i would definitely like to contribute to that effort. i cannot program, but i would make the offer to sponsor the work...who should i talk to?

Messaging and Communication

  • MythIM (AIM, MSN and Yahoo) use libgaim or jabber/XMPP or both, can be a subset of MythPhone (at least two people support this). Hooloovoo: I can't imagine using my remote to do IMs and if I was going to sit down and type, I would be happy to Ctrl+right to another desktop and use a real IM client, but each to their own.
  • Resurrect MythPhone
Use Telepathy/Farsight so the plugin author only needs to maintain the UI.
This is currently being worked on by CyberJacob and others(?)and will be combined with several other communication requests to form, MythComms
Provide an intercom system to be used between multiple frontends.
  • Provide access to twitter. [1]
This should also provide a simple mechanism to tweet the current program
  • Similar to above facebook integration providing the ability to wall post a current program with a couple of preset messages that can be configured (e.g. I am watching, I really love, Check this out).
  • Support for blog entries from inside of Myth - provide hotkey that will open a quick form to add an entry to blogger or other common blog. Included in the posting would be the information about the show being watched at the moment - would be ideal to have a transparent overlay window for text entry so blog entry could be posted while still wathcing TV - useful to blog about a debate or talk show

Network Multimedia Client

  • MythBooey: Record and timeshift (skip commercials) Sirius Satellite internet streams.
  • MythMPD: To control an MPD with an interface just like MythMusic. This could provide a fix for the music-in-the-background requests and allow easier handling of playlists. It shouldn't be too hard since MythMusic could be used as the basis. There exists a programm like this for MythTV : mfd. But there is less development on that at the moment... MythMPD implements some of these features.
  • Add a slimserver client
  • UPnP MediaServer ControlPoint - which is the UPnP-client (a 'master' device) that can auto-detect UPnP-servers on the network to browse and stream media/data-files from them.
  • DAAP client capabilities would allow for streaming of iTunes music libraries; current solutions require moving or duplicating the iTunes library on the MythTV device. There are several open-source DAAP implementations that could be leveraged, including Rhythmbox and Banshee, or Java ones such as iLeech or ourTunes. This would be a fantastic addition to MythTV considering the number of iTunes users out there in the world. Thank you for this consideration.

Other Playback

  • MythLibrary: Move functionality around so that files could be navigated based upon their properties, i.e. and especially music files categorized by ID3 information so that "Music" could be browsed, by (as the user prefers and can select), "Artist" with submenus "Album" sorted by "Year of Release," for example. Allow this for video, music, and pictures. Allow mythmusic to play the files selected in the background, and continue playing until some new selection of files is picked. This would take away the browsing problem from MythTV, and allow good integration of MythMFD-style process.
    • I would like to add a second vote for this. Integrate mythmusic, mythgallery, mythvideo and tv recordings into a single plugin. Display and sorting should be fully configurable based on media type. Here I envision a configurable playlist generation that can group TV series for display, generate playlists from multiple media types and even replace sound with background music tracks. So we have one display engine and on playlist engine that should be able to create most of the functionality people want.
  • MythChanger: Support for media changers such as Vaio XL1B2, uniquely identify DVDs, offload batch CD ripping / DVD inventory jobs to a suitable daemon. List DVDs in MythVideo with appropriate meta data.
    • While one dev currently has functional code for this purpose, it is not yet considered suitable for release in any form. wagnerrp 22:22, 3 November 2009 (UTC)
  • Mythradio: a plugin to make use of radio hardware like the PVR 350 type of TV cards.
  • MythRiffTrax (or MythSync): a player that allows the user to easily sync an outside audio file with a video or DVD and keep it synchronized through pauses, fast forwards, rewinds, etc. The obvious use I have in mind is playing RiffTrax synchronized with DVDs.
  • Add a Karaoke plug-in. This could be done 2 ways... (1) through MIDI karaoke, which has been implemented before but I believe it's out-dated here and (2) adding support to UltraStar, which is open source.
  • Mythaudiostream: a plugin to stream internet radio nearly live. Currently cobbling together Streamripper with a cron job to timeshift radio, simply don't have the skills to effectively do the same on-the-fly within the Myth plugin environment (start a streamrip, then immediately start playback of that rip).

Other Information

  • MythTraffic: A plugin that would give you local traffic reports, some what like the mythweather plug in just have it listed in the frontend menu.
  • Add an ebay module to watch and update active bids; integration with jbidwatcher?
  • MythBOINC: Display BOINC (distributed computing solving scientific problems with unused cpu ressources) fullscreen graphics and project statistics (can be extracted from boinc-client protocol files - see KBoincSpy).
  • Mythgcalendar: A plugin to allow remote friendly access to a google calendar in myth. Available via info center with add/edit/remove functionality.
  • MythGrid: A personal distributed video processing BOINC server, that helps to encourage BOINC use by processing user videos faster, via installing BOINC clients on more machines.

DVD Ripping (formerly MythDVD)

  • When playing a DVD, MythTV leaves the X resolution at the configured GUI resolution. It would be nice if we could switch to a user-configured resolution for DVD playback, similar to how we allow user-configured resolutions for video playback.
  • Option to use Matroska as Container to store DVD menus+video contents (+ripping multiple subtitle/audio languages)
  • Use Matroska (*.mkv) in mtd. Matroska is an envelope for which there can be many audio, video and subtitles streams, allowing the user to store a complete movie or CD in a single file.
  • Batch processing and Cluster ability for video transcoding ala DVD::Rip This would only be useful to users who use multiple frontends and backend.
    • DVD rip transcoding should integrate with the backend job queue, rather than having MTD maintain its own independent queue
  • Apply settings for one title to all titles. For example, set to rip at excellent quality, press one button and these settings apply to all titles on the disc.
  • Option to rip to a sub-folder, such as /genre/title or /title/season2/disk3.
  • Allow disabling/enabling of quality modes in a settings area and allow setting a default quality. This would prevent less computer savvy family members from ripping all dvds in iso mode.
  • Allow customizing, and creating new, dvd ripping quality profiles. Such as setting the avg. bitrate, suggested file size, clipping, and 1/2 pass.
  • Allow cropping of DVD rips so letter-boxed and anamorphic rips will be cropped clean. I envision it like Handbrake, where it auto detects the black and crops in so the transcoded file contains no dead black space around it.
  • Ability to use more than one optical drive. I have two DVD-drives in my frontend, and the rip itself is the only portion I have to wait on (transcoding could continue in the background). At least the UI appears to be configured to queue multiple jobs already, with the exception of requiring a single optical drive.
  • Perhaps the DVD-ripping screen could be redone so that the first question was whether you want to rip the whole disc to an ISO image on the hard drive ("yes" does an iso rip, "no" takes you to the current menu without the iso options) -- nearly none of the current options actually apply to ISO rips and it is very confusing. Then in the second window, perhaps the GUI could give all options once (quality, audio etc.) with the list of titles below and checkbox and a text box for each title. Then a user could set the quality etc. (once) and put in a name for each title and hit rip, all on one screen. I think it would be much more common for somebody to want to rip all the titles with the same settings, rather than presuming that they want to set them all individually. I often end up setting everything up and then realising that I've left one or more of them (or it has defaulted back to) ISO and I have to redo it after it has taken ages to finish.

New User Jobs

  • Add an "Export Recordings" mode under "Manage Recordings" that interfaces with mkmovie, nuvexport and nuv2avi in some integrated fashion so that TV recordings could easily be exported from MythTV without dropping to the commandline to do so.
  • Integrate myth2iPod, 2 into mythtv plugins package. It would also be nice if this were combined with a script that could convert any videos stored in mythvideo thus allowing anything viewable from mythtv to be played on an ipod
  • Myth2go: Plugin to auto transcode videos for portable devices like ipod or psp. Like myth2ipod but more general. <<< 21sep09 -James a r brown -Suggest handbrake CLI could be used, now bundled with Mythdora. Basically just needs someone to create a myth menu structure.

New Event Jobs

Misterhouse is a bit bloated, somethig like bottlerocket would be a better place to start