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Initial setup

  • Use MythTV-Setup on your frontend machine to configure the backend. So every part wich mythtv-setup useses to detect hardware or other things need to be integrated into the backend. Son that on a backend machine no x is needed to configure myth!
  • Channel icons when using DataDirect for new users (See Official Docs - WikiMyth)
  • Provide an option under setup that will gather system/mythtv config and info and allow a user to send an email to mythtv-users mail lists after careful prompting to ensure that new users can file useful bug reports or ask for help while including as much required information to provide a solution (Something similar to bug-buddy )
  • Add default MythTV setup options for ALSA : default for alsa devices and mixer. Provide documentation on how to have all ALSA output go though mixer (so that two sounds can play at the same time)
  • suggestion that would require some v4l support... autodetect / enumerate all cards (and then of course allow deletion of individual sources via mythtv-setup).
  • When no channels are found during the channel scan it would be less confusing to have a message indicating this.
  • Choose to avoid the tuning of the last tuned channel at the first startup of MythTV. If the last tuned channel was scrambled or fault the frontend hangs.
  • mythtv-setup fail explicitly on (first) sql failure
  • mythtv-setup allow default charset to be specified for converg database and/or tables (to work around mysql 1000 character key limit problems (with mysql set to utf8 default charset)

Hardware support

  • ATI AIW support, this is a difficult one. (I don't expect this ever to work but who knows HenkPoley) Not going to happen the AIW card is a horrible capture card (from a driver standpoint).
  • A solution to allow MythTV to watch and record encrypted digital cable broadcasts that the user has licensed. This is an EXTREME pipe dream as it would require 1) cooperation, or at least noninterference, from the cable companies; 2) digital receiver cards that can accept CAMs from the cable provider; 3) volunteers to code the drivers.
Note that this isn't *quite* as far fetched as it sounds. It *may* prove possible to receive unencrypted (non-pay) digital cable channels in the US with the pcHDTV3000 card. The encrypted ones would require a card compatible with a CableCard decryption card -- which cable companies *are* required to provide if you ask for one... but we're unlikely to see such a card ship *before* the July 1 2004 advent of the broadcast flag. So support EFF in getting it thrown out.  :-) -- BayLink
That was old commentary, but CableCard-capable HDTV tuner cards are actually expected in 2006 or early 07; see the news page. --Baylink 05:50, 1 February 2006 (UTC)
Arstechnica wrote about news from CES that says we shouldn't get our hopes up.
  • Support HD hardware decoder card(s). The Sigma Designs HD decoder can do MPEG2 and MPEG4 decoding, making the CPU requirements on the frontend extremely low. There is a project to reverse engineer Linux drivers for the MyHD line of cards, based on the Teralogic Janus design, which includes an HD MPEG2 decoder. Theoretically, it would behave just like a PVR-350, but with full HD support.
  • Per capture card (or input) adjustment of brightness, contrast, colour, and volume. This is a common problems with multiple cards using the IVTV drivers which have different brightness, contrast, colour, and volume characteristics. For example it's noted here in the IVTV Troubleshooting FAQs http://ivtvdriver.org/index.php/Troubleshooting