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What is Freebox recorder ?

Freebox is the name of the "box" used by the french ISP This box provides internet access, a telephone line (VoIP) and television.

Since december 2005, the TV channels are available via rtsp: protocol (MPEG2-TS), allowing's customers to receive the channels on their computer (using VLC). The Freebox recorder was added in MythTV-0.20. It allows MythTV to record/watch the rtsp: channels.

How to use the recorder ?

Simple case, with the Freebox modem

1. Create a new FreeboxRecorder capture card using mythtv-setup.
2. Keep the default mrl (
3. Link your new capture card to an input video source (see for details)
4. If you have enough bandwidth, multiple "capture cards" may be added

Complex case, without the Freebox modem

TODO (see

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