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Step 1 : Scan for channels

Perform the proper channel scan in mythtv-setup (QAM-256 or QAM-64, with the frequency list that matches your cable system i.e. Cable, Cable HRC, or Cable IRC).

Step 2 : Start LiveTV

Run mythfrontend and enter livetv, switching to the new tuner/input if needed. 'Y'/'C'

Step 3 : Edit Channels

'E'dit each channel so as many as possible have XMLTV IDs. Fill in the fields for the current channel and then hit the [O]k button and move to the next channel as you normally would. Repeat.

  • The normal readline keys are available (Ctrl-K,Ctrl-U,Ctrl-A, etc)
  • If you fill in one field and then hit the [P]robe button, it will fill in the other fields if one field is complete.
  • If XDS station data is available then the dialog may be filled in immediately, just hit the [O]k button
  • Ctrl-P and Ctrl-O will work like pressing the [P]robe and [O]k buttons, resp.
  • If you only know part of a channel's name aka 'Disney' try that and [P]robe, it will be completed if possible.
  • [P]robe is global for all the channel's fields, so if conflicting information exists in two of the fields the data for an incorrect channel may be filled in. Clear the incorrect fields with Ctrl-U before probing to avoid this problem.
  • If you mess up, hit "ESCAPE" to exit the channel editing dialog.

Step 4 : Exit LiveTV

  • Exit LiveTV, using "ESCAPE" key
  • Wait 1 minute to be sure the datadirect listings have been updated

Step 5 : Get updated listings

Run mythfilldatabase to get new listings data


It's ok if you run mythfilldatabase after running mythtv-setup, but it won't add listings for the channels since we don't have the xmltvid's for each channel.