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Release 0.19 of MythTV introduced the ability to control mythfrontend via a socket interface. Commands are sent and replies are received in text mode, there is no fancy xml interface or anything - it is meant to be able to be used via something as simple as telnet.

This feature has to be enabled in the general settings of the frontend setup. The default port is 6546, so after restarting mythfrontend, you can test by telnetting to localhost on port 6546 ("telnet localhost 6546"). For a list of supported commands, type "help". For help on a specific command, type "help COMMAND" (where COMMAND is the name of the command like "help jump").

There can be only one socket connection to mythfrontend at a time, if a new connection is opened, the old one will be automatically closed.

See also MythTV docs on Telnet socket

[source: Changeset 8688 ]

Here is an example of how you can use the telnet port to run the MythTV frontend.

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Here is an example of how you can use the telnet port and a Nokia N80 to run the MythTV frontend.

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