Galaxy 3500 IPTV DMG

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Short Description

This box will find UPnP servers including MythTV with out any configuration. It will play back 480i 720p & 1080i recorded on an ATSC equipped MythTV box. It will play back on an NTSC set using composite or S-Video, or an HD set using component video. There is no digital video output. Audio is either 2 channel analog or optical SPDIF. It is expected this box will play audio files offered by MythTV's UPnP server. However, currently, the UPnP audio fix in only in the SVN version of MythTV.

Hardware Support

Standard Def Yes
High Def Yes
Digital Audio Yes (optical SPDIF)
Composite Out Yes (w/ proper cable / included)
S-Video Yes (w/ proper cable / included)
Component Yes (w/ proper cable / included)
VGA No (there may be an adapter available)
SCART Yes (w/ adapter / included)
Wireless Ethernet Speed Available (optional miniPCI wireless card available)
Wired Ethernet Speed Believed to be: 10, 100

Video Playback Features

Video Playback Quality Playback is smooth, no stuttering and no audio sync problem. This experience is not universal - in my system, HD content (~20mbit mpeg2 streams) is prone to exactly these problems (stuttering/audio-sync with firmware as of 2/2008). System also crashes / hangs at end of video during attempt to return to main menu (this does not happen with Netgear E700 with the same backend).

(Source NTSC & ATSC MythTV backend.)

FF/RW Support No, only percentage positioning
FF/RW at Differing Speeds No, only percentage positioning
30 Second Skip No
Bookmarking No


Support MythTV MPEG2 Recordings SD and HD (Source NTSC and ATSC 480i, 720p & 1080i).
Support MythTV NUV Recordings Don't think so.
Support MythTV DivX/Xvid Videos Yes.
Support H.264 Video Don't think so.
Support MythTV Music (since 0.21+) Yes (Assumed, as feature is broken in current released MythTV, isn't it?)
Support MythTV Photo Galleries (since 0.21+) Maybe (Assumed, as I don't think feature is available from MythTV UPnP server.)

MythTV Interaction

Customizable Menus (and in what way) No
Menu Responsiveness Sluggish, probably because UPnP over head.
Menu Hierarchy By: Date, Name, Type, Channel... (I am assuming all the ways the MythTV back end presents its self.)

Non-MythTV Features

Support DVD/VOB streaming <Yes, No>
iPhoto/Photoshop Album Support <No, Yes both, Only iPhoto, etc.>
iTunes/Windows Media Support <No, Yes both, Only iTunes, etc.>
WizD: An open-source media server for Syabas based players.

(A way to get to non-mythtv media files?)

The Galaxy works with WizD.

Screenshots/Screencasts of Client Working with MythTV

Main Menu <Pic of main menu>
OSD <Pic of OSD>
Others <Pics of Others>

Software / Hardware

OS uCLinux
Software Syabas
Processor ARM
Chip Set Sigma Designs 8621L

(contains the above ARM processor)

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