General 0.22 Upgrade notes

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Myth 0.22 needs QT4, that in itself is not such a problem, but a few people have run into database problems. QT4 has a mysql interface library it uses to talk to libmysql, and there have been some problems with that.

QT4 Database

If you run the frontend or mythtv-setup, and get an error like:

QMYSQL3 driver not loaded
  1. It means one of two things.
    1. QT4 cannot find the plugin. This is less likely because most distributions package it.
    2. The QT cannot find the right

Slackware 13: ships QT4 with the libqsqlmysql interface needing, which is in the Slackware 13 mysql package
Fedora: Only guessing... install qt-mysql
Other: Please post other distros' needs if you know them.

QT Style

For many of the new MythUI themes it will be difficult to see what options are highlighted or boxes are checked in many of the settings dialogues and menus if you have the wrong QT widget style selected. To fix it go to Setup|Appearance|Theme and the change QT Style to Windows.

Old Kruft

If you have old themes or plugins you may need to rename/remove the directory before you do a clean install.

One user reported a theme error when trying to start mythtv-setup, and removing /usr/local/share/mythtv and doing a fresh install fixed the problem. Another user reported Mythwelcome would not start, and this also was fixed by clearing out /usr/local/share/mythtv

Key Changes

The new theme and layout changes have prompted some new key changes.

  • 3 and 9 used to act as page up and page down. Page up and page down functionality has been mapped to the page up and page down keys. The 3 and 9 act as numbers (so when you are in the program guide you can type the number 300 to go view channel 300 instead of paging down 50 times)
  • In Watch Recordings, the right menu used to go from group, to show, to menu. Its been remapped to toggle between groups and shows. The button to use to trigger the menu is the info button (which was true before as well).


MythVideo received a major overhaul during this development cycle. Significant changes include:

  • Support for Storage Groups.
  • Obsolescence of the Video Manager. It is accessible as a view, but removed from 'Utilities/Setup'.
  • Addition of season/episode/subtitle for better support of TV, and separate metadata grabbers for TV and Movies.
  • Addition of trailers and more imagery.

Please read the MythVideo_.22_Transition_Guide for further detail and help upgrading MythVideo to 0.22.