General Troubleshooting Tips

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General Troubleshooting

Log Files



See User_Manual:Diagnosing_Problems See

Remote Access


PuTTY [Instructions...]

File Browsing

WinSCP [Instructions...]



This will enable you to view the graphical desktop of your Myth machine over the network without having to plug a monitor into the back. To run VNC, emerge it and review the documentation at You will also want to download a VNC client to the desktop you will be working from. Remotely login to the Myth box, then run VNC


Run the VNC client, and specify the IP address and display

Then enter your password. You should be faced with a simple graphical desktop. To run setup, simply run


You may also want to see what is seen on the TV


Now you will not have to be running back and forth between the TV room and computer room! ;)