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HDMI-CEC is a device control protocol that runs over HDMI cables.

It allows rudimentary control over HDMI-CEC aware devices - these devices oftern have vendor-specific names for the protocol, such as AnyNet+ for Samsung devices.

There are new devices becoming coming available that support a USB-HDMI bridge - one such device is from RainShadowTech (www.rainshadowtech.com).

These instructions have been developed using the RainshadowTech device - differences will exist.

Useful things can can be done with MythTv and HDMI-CEC:

- allowing the TV remote control to send commands to Mythtv (via custom comand-line bridge and Mythfront end remote control socket)
- allowing MythTv to automatically set the AV receiver to the correct input whenever playback begins (via MythTV System Event)
- allowing Mythtv to translate volume Up/Down key presses to AV Receiver volume control (via irexec)

Things that would be nice for MythTv to support in HDMI-CEC:

- setting the hostname for HDMI-CEC device discovery (maybe could be done through System Event?)
- support recording from non-mythtv TV Mheg display