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Channel Scan Problems with Hauppauge 2200 in Australia

After years of using a LeadTek Winfast Dual Tuner (Afatech 9013) I decided to eliminate various problems by buying a Hauppauge 2200.

It took me hours to overcome the problems with the Hauppauge, and I've written this page to assist others who may have the same problems.

The Problem

I live in Melbourne Australia, and a MythTV Setup Full Scan found most channels. Missing were the Nine Network (Channel 9, GO, GEM) and the SBS Network.

On the web, you can find a report about an adjustment of 125kHz required for these multiplexes. However, making the adjustments and getting them to work are the challenge!

Quite quickly, I got the channels to operate, but the EIT (program guide) scan (which is critical in Australia) would not work.

I read somewhere that the EIT scanning WILL NOT WORK unless MythTV has done a Full Scan to find the channels. This proved to be correct. Except I found that a scan based on all existing transports is sufficient.

Things I Tried

Here's a brief list of what didn't work:

  • Manually adjusting the transport data in the MythTV Setup GUI
  • Using "dvbscan" (called "scan" on my Mythbuntu system) to generate a channels.conf file, and importing that into the MythTV Setup
  • Scanning the channels with the LeadTek and importing that scan into the Hauppauge Input Connections.

What Worked

After scanning the channels with the LeadTek, and importing that scan into the Hauppauge, everything worked except the Nine and SBS networks.

I then found this information.

The key here was that I could manually alter the transport information and then do a channel scan to get the channels to work and the EIT to work too.


What To Do Part 1

If you haven't got any sort of channel scan, you need to get one.

Doing a full scan might work, or you can use an external program like this (this is untested, as I used by LeadTek to scan all the channels)...

  1. Run dvbscan to get a channels.conf file: scan -t1 -x0 -v /usr/share/dvb/dvb-t/au-Melbourne >channels.conf
  2. Start MythTV Setup
  3. Select "Input Connections"
  4. Choose your adapter
  5. Select "Scan for channels"
  6. In "Scan type", select "Import channels.conf"
  7. Enter the file location of your channels.conf file and complete the scan
  8. Now go to #What To Do Part 2 to update the transport table

What To Do Part 2

If you have a partially working channel scan, then you simply need to update your transports.

First, you need the correct frequency and the correct constellation.

You can get this information using dvbscan. Here's my command:

scan -t1 -x0 -v /usr/share/dvb/dvb-t/au-Melbourne

This told me the correct frequency and constellation for Nine and SBS networks.

Next, login to your Myth Backend and start a mysql session:

mysql -u mythtv -p mythconverg

Now, update your incorrect frequencies and constellations:

update dtv_multiplex set frequency=NEWFREQ,constellation='QAMVALUE' where frequency=OLDFREQ;

Replacing NEWFREQ and QAMVALUE with the values you got from the dvbscan, and OLDFREQ with the current value in the table.

You can view the current table values, like this:

select mplexid,transportid,networkid,frequency,constellation from dtv_multiplex;

Here are the update commands I used for my location:

update dtv_multiplex set frequency=191625000,constellation='qam_64' where frequency=191500000;
update dtv_multiplex set frequency=536625000,constellation='qam_64' where frequency=536500000;

My table now looks like this:

mysql> select mplexid,transportid,networkid,frequency,constellation from dtv_multiplex;
| mplexid | transportid | networkid | frequency | constellation |
|       1 |        1283 |      4115 | 177500000 | auto          |
|       2 |        1539 |      4116 | 219500000 | auto          |
|       3 |         561 |      4112 | 226500000 | auto          |
|       4 |        1072 |      4114 | 191625000 | qam_64        |
|       5 |         784 |     12802 | 536625000 | qam_64        |
|       6 |        3584 |     12832 | 557500000 | auto          |
6 rows in set (0.00 sec)

Once your transport table is correct, you can do your final channel scan:

  1. Start MythTV Setup
  2. Select "Input Connections"
  3. Choose your adapter
  4. Select "Scan for channels"
  5. In "Scan type", select "Scan of all existing transports"
  6. When the scan is complete, accept the updates.

That should resolve the issues.

Use your frontend to view all your channels, and watch for the EIT to update.