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A long time ago when I built my homebrew serial LIRC reciever, I wrote down all the parts I used from Radio Shack. Now, I realize that buying this stuff at Radio Shack is not the best way to save money, but it is readily available to most users.

  • For the reciever portion, I followed the schematic diagram from LIRC's homebrew reciever page
  • For the transmitter portion, I followed the schematic diagram from LIRC's homebrew transmitter page. Most people just make the simple transmitter, but I wanted to fire this same transmitter at 3 sat boxes, so I made the amplified circuit. It really works wonderfully.

This is a pic of the inside of my homebrew serial reciever / transmitter:

Homebrew inside.jpg

Here is that list of items I used:

  • IR Receiver Module (276-640)
  • 4.7uF Electrolytic Capacitor (272-1024) ***NOTE: RS description differs from lirc description
  • 7805+5VDC Voltage Regulator 1 amp (276-1770) ***NOTE: RS description differs from lirc description
  • Aluminum Heat Sink for TO-220 packages (276-1368) ***NOTE: Not sure if this is necessary, but I put it on anyway: I thought I read it somewhere, but kinda doubt it is needed. One thing: it really gets in the way ALOT and the weight of this heatsink will sometimes cause my solder to break at the circuit board.
  • Heat Sink Compound (276-1372)
  • Grid-Style PC Board (276-150)
  • Nylon Cable Clamps (64-3028A)
  • D-Sub Hood (276-1513)
  • D-Sub Connector (276-1428)
  • Project Enclosure With PC Board (270-283A)
  • 4k7 Resistor ( ?? 271-1330 ?? ) ***NOTE: it was either this package, or a piece in 271-312A assortment. But If I recall, the 1330 was what I used.
  • 1N4148 Diode (276-1122)
  • I used an old serial cable for wiring, but choose whatever you like