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* http://www.lirc.org/receivers.html
* http://www.lirc.org/receivers.html
* http://lnx.manoweb.com/lirc
* http://lnx.manoweb.com/lirc
* http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/8811
[[Category:Remote Controls]]
[[Category:Remote Controls]]

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If you can solder and can figure out what shops sell transistors then you can make your own serial receiver. There is even a list of Homebrew lirc reciever parts

And what you'll be building is something like this:

File:Lirc schematic.gif

And if you squish it down it can look like this:

File:Lirc closed.jpg File:Lirc end.jpg File:Lirc open.jpg File:Lirc wires.jpg

and if you have a one of the Hauppage PVRs you could use that (they look a lot neater!) :

File:Lirc wires2.jpg

One advantage of building it like this (with the 1.5mm stereo plug/jack) is that you have the ability to route the actual IR receiver anywhere (even another room - though I don't know what the maximum distance would be).

oh, if you want your 1.5mm jack plug to be compatible with the Hauppauge:

Base = GND
Ring = signal
Tip = VCC+

Someone on the (MythTV-Users) mail list claims 281 Ft using CAT5 and Hauppage IR sensor.

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