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Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a form of real-time Internet chat or synchronous conferencing. It is mainly designed for group (many-to-many) communication in discussion forums called channels, but also allows one-to-one communication and data transfers via private message.[1]

Mythtv Channels


The #mythtv-users channel on is usually the fastest way to get help about problems with MythTV. A daily chat log is kept at


The #mythtv channel on is for developer discussions only.

Channel FAQ / Rules

How can I get an answer to my question?

Well, you're reading this FAQ, so you're either off to a good start, or someone pointed out your bad start.

The documentation is a great place to look for answers. People will point you here from IRC, so check there first.

Use Google. Search for anything that seems related to your error. The exact error message often yeilds a hit to a mailing list archive, which brings us to our next point:

There is a mythtv-users mailing list archive; somebody has nearly always had a similar problem and posted their solution.

Finally, there is IRC. If you have tried the above, and still can't find the answer you can see if anybody in channel can answer your question. Always wait a few minutes between joining the channel and asking your question. There may be something else already happening in channel. You should wait even if what is happening doesn't seem related to MythTV. Interrupting people is only going to make them less likely to want to help you with your question.

Should you decide not to follow these steps, you will likely end up back here reading the very next question.

Why is everyone being so rude/brusque/direct?

That's just the way most geeks are. Especially when asked questions in silly ways, or even worse, stupid questions. Don't take it personally, just adjust.

For further insight, see How to ask smart questions. This essay is a great read, and by reading it you will be able to help us help you better.

Also see User-Friendly for December 1, 2004. This is instructive while also funny.

Should I ask this question on #mythtv or #mythtv-users?

If your question is directly related to the development of MythTV (especially if you are a developer of MythTV) then #mythtv is possibly the correct venue for your question. Please note that the developers don't particularly like having people interrupting them with questions that don't belong in their channel, so if you are off-topic, expect to get snapped at. Typically there are a number of developers that hang out in #mythtv-users, and if they can help you our, they will, so there is no use in asking in both channels.

If your question is a user-support issue (e.g. "I can't get this to work" or "Can you help me with...") go to #mythtv-users. If your question can't be answered by the people there, try again later when other people are on. If it still can't be answered, your best bet is to ask on the mythtv-users mailing list, which you will need to subscribe to first.

Why am I getting yelled at for pasting my logs into the channel?

The short answer is, if it's 3 or more lines long, use a pastebin.

Go to put your content into the box hit submit you get a url, paste the url into the channel with a short description of what you're asking about, and you'll be golden.

How can I get Gentoo/Fedora Core/Ubuntu/etc to do un-MythTV-related things?

While it is possible that there are people in #mythtv-users who can answer these questions, it is not the correct place for general Linux support. There are channels on for most of the mainstream distributions. Try asking in the appropriate channel for your distro.

Alternatively, find someone in #mythtv-users who knows your distro, and communicate with them in private messages rather than in the channel.

Unrelated, distro-specific stuff in #mythtv-users is annoying to everyone else who either doesn't use your distro or doesn't have problems with your distro. If it isn't MythTV-related, don't be surprised if you are asked to move it elsewhere.

Is project X better then mythtv?

Really now, we're in a mythtv channel, we wouldn't be in there if we didn't like the project. Asking us to compare myth with other projects is uesless, because if we felt there was something better, we would be using it. Google can answer your question much better then us.

Legally-Dubious Content

The IRC channel is meant for legal discourse. We do not know who is watching, and we don't want to potentially cause legal problems for the development team. For this reason, anything that is illegal or even potentially illegal isn't welcome on #mythtv-users. This specifically includes things that may be contested as being DMCA violations.


While bittorrent in and of itself is not legally troubling, we need to be very careful about the image we portray to the rest of the world. This is all the more important after the [New York Times article] which inappropriately lumped MythTV in with the show-sharing types out there.

So, please.... If you are going to be discussing bittorrent, go elsewhere, not on #mythtv-users. (Hint: private messages do work on IRC). We have no idea who is watching and what conclusions they may draw from our actions.


Specifically, the use of softcam to decrypt DVB signals is not a welcome topic in #mythtv-users. This is due to it being a potential DMCA violation. As the main developers of MythTV are in the USA, we must respect their wishes, and keep the legal stink off MythTV caused by these potential DMCA violations. If you wish to discuss the use of softcam, do it elsewhere. You will be kicked if not banned should you persist. You have been warned.


We don't mind our users linking to sites to help people, but we do mind linking to potentially copyrighted content. If it's not explicitly marked as free to share, please do not link to it. This includes shows on youtube or other video sharing networks.

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