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Experienced that a lot of people looking for info on these devices, specially because the iMON is an OEM products, used by companies like Silverstone. Please add your knowledge and experience to this page.

SoundGraph, Inc has supplied customized OEM products to leading PC manufacturers and chassis manufacturers in the world. As a No 1 OEM supplier in HTPC market, SoundGraph, Inc is enjoying high reputation for world class technology and quality.

Vendors that OEM the soundgraph products: Silverstone Technology, Cooler Master, Thermaltake Technology, Zalman Tech, 3R System

Their models include: (for search): Silverstone LC16S-M, Silverstone LC20B, Cooler Master Media 250, Cooler Master Media 260, HT-1100 All IR (Infra-red) OEM products from SoundGraph, Inc are using iMON PAD remote controller. According to the type and existence of Display, iMON OEM products can be divided into iMON OEM (VFD), iMON OEM (LCD) and iMON OEM (Inside).

Venky Raju is the pioneer that created the first iMON drivers/support for Linux (PAD & VFD). Today his work is integrated in LIRC and LCDproc. Thanks Vensky, you rock.

iMON LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

Soundgraph product information.

Currently not supported. Soundgraph has been asked for information about the iMON OEM LCD display protocol (at their user forums).

LCDproc is used by mythTV

click image to enlarge

The LCD has a lot more capabilities than the VFD. The VFD can display ASCII characters and bar graphs. The LCD has support for Eastern and Western language characters as well as a set of English language indicators and a few graphic ones.

Although it may be easy to support the same level of functionality as for the VFD, full support may be hard to engineer, given the nature of LCDproc.

iMON VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display)

iMON OEM (VFD) which has 16x2 size VFD Vacuum Fluorescent Display can show various information according to the different display modes (Graphic EQ, System Info, Media Info, Email Check, Headline News, World City Time & Weather).

According to the combination with the Volume Controller and Buttons controller, iMON OEM (VFD) products are divided into OEM Type A, Type B (Type A with Volume or Button controller), Type C (Type A with Volume and Button controller) and Type Custom (totally customized by customer).

LCDproc is used by mythTV

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mythTV runs best on openSUSE

The packages, lcdproc with imon support

LCDprov version V0.5 has full support for imon so you do not need separate modules or patches from Venky Raju.

Use the LCDproc howto

If you are working on this, please finish this....

./configure --enable-drivers=imon
cd shared
cd ../server
# (as root)
make install

Important.png Note: In the LCDd.conf there is a DriverPath pointing to server/drivers. I saved the and the LCDd.conf file into /home/myth/lcd and start with:

/usr/local/sbin/LCDd -c /home/mythtv/lcd/LCDd.conf

Information.png Tip: When the LCDproc process is killed at system shutdown, it puts up a "goodbye" message on the VFD. Certain HTPC cases (the Silverstone line included) leave the VFD powered even when the computer is off, meaning that the goodbye message is always visible whenever the HTPC is off. To blank the VFD whenever the computer is shut down, edit the function goodbye_screen in the file server/serverscreens.c and change the declaration of char *l16 and char *t16 to be 16 spaces each. Recompile and install, and you're good to go.

iMON PAD Remote Control

The PAD controller is designed to be able to be also used as four (up, down, left, right) arrow buttons on Keyboard. It is shipped with the iMON Station, iMON Knob, iMON inside, iMON ultrabay and the iMON inside, Because the button layout of iMON PAD remote controller is well arranged and many media-play-related buttons are served, it’s very useful on applications such as MultiMedian and Windows Media Center. iMON Manager and MultiMedian is already updated and optimized for iMON PAD remote controller.

mythTV uses LIRC for the iMON_PAD

click image to enlarge

For Help Setting up LIRC on your computer, follow some of these excellent resources:

The imon remote control is supported by LIRC 0.7 and higher. Versions 0.7 and 0.8.1 of LIRC have included a working driver for the iMON PAD remote control. It is listed under the USB remote controls. In order to use the "PAD Controller", a pressure sensitive mouse cursor control, as a directional pad use the patch from here under the first section entitled lirc-imon-pad2keys.patch. He also provides a sample lircd.conf with all 58 keys of the iMON PAD. Version 0.8.1 does not require the 2.6.16 patch he has listed as the changes should already be made.


Warning.png Warning: PAD patches not working. Several patches exist. Can not get the PAD to work with latest lirc 0.8.1 and kernel 2.6.18. Please fill the gaps...-Moosylog Feb 2007


Warning.png Warning: If you use yum and's package for LIRC, as recommended on Jarod Wilson's MythTV installation walkthrough, then the pad2keys patch will not work. I am still trying to figure out why, I think the make install is sending the final executable to the wrong directory. If/when I figure out how to get this to work, I'll post the result here. Also, ATrpms' installation of LIRC is listed as being version 0.8.2, which seems to be ahead of the current stable version listed on Regardless, this version does not include the direction pad functionality. -Mouser 03:33, 6 April 2007 (UTC)

Download.png - Download LIRC

The packages, lirc with imon support

If you are working on this, please finish this.... lirc, THE remote (imon_pad)

./configure --with-driver=imon_pad

added these lines to my /etc/init.d/boot.local

/sbin/modprobe lirc_dev
/sbin/modprobe imon_pad

config files for your remote /etc/lircd.conf can create a file with irxevent and/or mode2


Incomplete.png Incomplete, needs to be expanded. Please help to fill the gaps or discuss the issue on the talk page

more info:

If you are working on this, please finish this article. I would like to see this page extended with a simple howto, including the:

  • /etc/lircd.conf
  • ~/.mythtv/lircrc

iMON 2.4 Remote Control

Place holder . please add your info here . picture of the device

iMON Knob(s)

This is about the volume control wheel on the iMON. .

LCDproc is used by mythTV

click image to enlarge

. please add your info here . think the click wheel is controlled by LIRC. see

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