Installing MythTV SVN on Debian Sid

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This is an Tutorial on installing MythTV on a new installed Debian SID Machine.

UDEV in current debian

If you want to use udev in the current debian sid, you sould switch back your sources.list from debian sid to stabel, get udev, set the udev packet to be hold, and change your sources back to sid. The current udev of debian sid requires kernel 2.6.12 wich is not aviable via apt. so you build your own kernel 2.6.12 packages or use the old udev.

Getting the nessecary Debian Packages

At this time, in Debian SID the Dependecies of the kdelibs are broken, so the could not get being installed. Therefore you had to got to install the package libopenexr2 by hand that the apt-get works.

dpkg -i libopenexr2_1.2.2-2_i386.deb

after that you could get the kdelibs

apt-get install kdelibs4

now at first we need the mysql server:

apt-get install mysql-server

and of course the config of the mysql server in the current sid is also broken we need to fix it. open the my.cnf in /etc/mysql and add a "#" for the following lines:

#old passwords

now edit the debian.cnf and enter a valid mysql root user account.

at next step we need to add 2 more sources to our sources.list

deb sid  main
deb-srv sid  main

now we can get the rest of the needed package sto build myth via:

apt-get update
apt-get install subversion subversion-tools liblame0 liblame-dev libqt3-headers libmysqlclient10-dev libvorbis-dev libartsc0-dev libasound2-dev libqt3-mt-dev libqt3c102-mt-mysql phpmyadmin xmltv devscripts liblircclient-dev liblircclient0 libdvdnav-dev libflac-dev libmad0-dev libcdaudio0-dev libcdparanoia0-dev libid3tag0-dev fftw-dev libsdl1.2-dev kdelibs4-dev libdvdread3-dev festival-dev festival libxml-simple-perl libdvdcss2 ffmpeg transcode w32codecs xvid4conf avidemux dvdstyler libxinerama-dev libxxf86vm-dev libtiff4-dev

Getting MythTV

Now you can get mythtv:

svn co

and compile it via:

 ./configure --prefix=/usr --arch=athlon-xp --enable-dvb --enable-dvb-eit --disable-joystick-menu --disable-ivtv --disable-firewire --disable-audio-arts --disable-audio-jack --dvb-path=/usr/include --enable-opengl-vsync --enable-mp3lame --enable-memalign-hack
make install

Starting MythTV

now you can setup mythbackend via mythtv-setup.