Installing MythTV on Kanotix

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Installing MythTV On A Kanotix Based Debian System From Scratch

Kanotix is one of the many Debian based Live CDs, which itself is based on the popular Knoppix Live CD, except Kanotix has the ability to be easily installed on to a harddrive, from which a fully working easy to maintain Debian system is had.

Why Kanotix?

I have been using Kanotix for a while now, and my familiarity with it has led me to build (or re-build) several MythTV systems from it. With the latest release as of this writing, 2004-4, much of the software needed by MythTV at new versions are available directly on the CD with no need to upgrade:

  • Kernel
    • With amd64 or i386 versions
  • X-Org 6.8.2
  • ALSA 1.0.10rc1
  • udev 0.079-1

This makes a great way to custom build a Debian based MythTV machine.

--Steveadeff 19:39, 10 January 2006 (UTC)