Intel D945GCLF (Atom-based)

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Intel D945GCLF (Atom-based)

  • Form Factor
Mini-ITX (6.75 inches by 6.75 inches [171.45 millimeters by 171.45 millimeters])
Micro-ATX compatible
  • Socket
CPU soldered on MB

The Intel D945GCLF motherboard is a mini-ITX motherboard with an integrated (soldered-on) Atom 1.6GHz single-core, hyper-threaded processor, and an Intel 945GC chipset with integrated D-SUB VGA graphics. The primary drawback of the system is the 40MM fan on the chipset heatsink. It generates a high-pitched whine that can be quite annoying. The processor itself has only a tiny, passive heatsink. The motherboard has a single DIMM slot for DDR2-533/667 memory, support for 2 SATA-2 drives, serial, parallel, 10/100 Ethernet, USB 2, and PS/2 ports, and 2-channel audio. Everything is well supported under Linux.

I have not tested the integrated audio. Instead, I added a PCI sound card with support for 7 channels.

I installed this motherboard into an Apex MI-100 case with a full-size DVD-RW and 3.5" HDD. It's a tight fit, but everything does in fact fit. I connected a Plextor ConvertX for TV recording and encoding, which removes the encoding burden from the CPU. I do not believe that this machine could support MPEG-4/DivX encoded shows otherwise, as it is fully utilized simply playing live TV with the hardware encoding and audio playback assistance. However, with the hardware encoder it does work wonderfully playing back 720x480 live TV and recordings!

My power consumption at idle is around 44 watts (I'm using a WD GreenPower HDD), and it doesn't rise much above that under load.

There's a Fanless version of this board as well.