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Justin Hornsby

I've been a mythtv user since around October 2004 when I found out my DVB-T card wasn't doing what it should in Windows (i.e. working). Until then all I knew about Linux was how to cd and ls. As I recently proved by managing to break my mythbackend box, I also know how to rm -rf / :-(

That basic lesson learned (backup, backup & backup again) I now have the following:

MythTV Backend:

  • Athlon 2GHz
  • Gigabyte 7VT600
  • 512MB RAM
  • 2x Leadtek LR6650 cards (based on Conexant reference DVB-T design)
  • Lots of HDD space
  • Running Gentoo from a Stage3 install with a 2.6.12 kernel

MythTV Frontend:

  • EPIA-M10000 motherboard
  • 512MB RAM
  • Slimline DVDROM
  • Home-made serial IR receiver
  • Housed in a Silverstone LC-02 case
  • Boots off the network very nicely.
  • Running Minimyth 0.19


Since I started using mythtv I've been motivated to create a theme - well actually two themes - ProjectGrayhem and ProjectGrayhem-wide

I'm going to be running the MythTV stand at LUGRadioLive2006 (www.lugradio.org) and giving a demo on the main stage. Pop by and say hello