K-World DVB-T 100SE Card Remote

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K-World DVB-T 100SE Card Remote

K-World DVB-T 100SE Card Remote


An IR remote with IR receiver that plugs into the back of the K-World DVB-T 100SE.

Vendor's Website: http://global.kworld-global.com/main/prod_in.aspx?mnuid=1248&modid=6&pcid=44&ifid=16&prodid=34

Support Status: Recognised in GNU/Linux during install - works in MythTV once correct lirc configuration is used.


The K-World DVB-T 100SE Card Remote is the same generic card remote that K-World use for their budget DVB cards - and going by how GNU/Linux detects the K-World DVB-T 100SE, the K-World DVB-T 100SE is just a repackaged and rebranded K-World V-Stream Expert DVB-T, which used the same card remote.

There are three distinct versions of this remote that I have seen, although the differences seem to be only visual, with some of the screen printed button labels and the remote name at the bottom differing.


Although the K-World DVB-T 100SE Card Remote is recognised during install and is installed as an input device (/dev/input/eventX) it does not immediately function in MythTV via Lirc.

To get it to work correctly, you will need to first find which input device is for the remote control, and then make changes to hardware.conf, lircd.conf and lircrc for it to work (I have inluced my files at the bottom of the page for ppl to use). Also, if you use MythBuntu, you will need to modify /home/UserName/.lirc/mythtv.


There are several ways of finding which input device the remote is installed as, but I find the easiest/quickest way is to use evtest and then go through each of the listed eventX inputs and then pressing the buttons on the remote and looking for a response.

First enter (I use MythBuntu, command will differ in different distros):

 sudo evtest /dev/input/event1

Then press a button on the remote and if you don't get any feedback in the terminal, move to the next input device:

 sudo evtest /dev/input/event2

Wash and repeat until you see a response - then note down what input device your remote is.

Now edit hardware.conf:

 sudo nano /etc/lirc/hardware.conf

Enter the correct device and drivers - it should look like this (MythBuntu):

Minor Issues

It is worth mentioning that if you use a USB keyboard and mouse they will be given an input device too, and if you later remove them from your MythTV computer, the input device numbering may change and your remote may be set as a new input device (my remote was originally /dev/input/event7, but after I removed my Logitech usb keyboard and mouse it was changed to /dev/input/event7).

Also worth mentioning is that the card remote is limited in actual buttons (only 32 in total) and although it can be used in MythTV, the limited number of buttons makes it only capable of the most common function (basic navigation) and as such you will still require a wireless keyboard if you want to use all the functions available in MythTV and the many MythTV plugins.