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KnoppMyth (KM) is a distro of LINUX built from the ground up whose form and function both revolve around Mythtv as its primary architectural feature. A major focus of KM is to, "bring Mythtv to the masses." As a direct result of this vision, setup and configuration are highly automated and easy for users.


This video demonstrates the installation of R5.5 from an empty HDD to a fully functional install in under 14 minutes. The functionality of KM is in no way reduced just because it has a number of intelligent configuration scripts.

As its name implies, the initial releases of KnoppMyth were based on Knoppix, but the latest incarnations are not, although the brand-name "KnoppMyth" has been retained[1]. From the knoppmythwiki, "Knoppix itself is an adaptation of the Debian linux distribution, KnoppMyth therefore is another project that has spiraled off into its own domain. These days it would be more correct to call KnoppMyth a specialized and heavily customized Debian derivative, as there's very little Knoppix left."

KM can be installed and function on almost any "modern" computer. There are a set of components that constitute the so-called, "Knoppmyth Reference Platform" which is nothing more than a set of hardware that is known and certified to work out-of-the-box with KM. The hardware specs are completely open and published on the afore mentioned hyperlink.

Strengths of KM

  • Installation and setup are trivial.
  • Superb "Auto Upgrade" feature (along with backup scripts) makes upgrading to future releases of KM equally trivial.
  • Live Frontend feature allows users to run a frontend on any machine live from the CD.
  • Great user support forums.
  • Partial automation of Australian EPG setup

Knoppmyth History

The first release was on 09-Aug-2003 (R1) and was based on MythTV 0.10. The latest incarnation of Knoppmyth is R5.5 which was released on 06-Jul-2008 and is based on MythTV 0.21.2.

Current Release

  • Latest Release: R5.5 "Bone Marrow"
  • Release Date: 06-Jul-2008
  • Creator/lead developer: Cecil Watson
  • Link to R5.5 torrent

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