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Installing a Crystalfontz 632 USB LCD for use with mythlcdserver

The goal of this page is to help configure a CrystalFontz 632 USB LCD Display

This device is a 2-line display, and compatible with LCDproc and Mythlcdserver.

This page assumes you have already compiled/installed LCDproc

If you have the default config file it will show

# The following drivers are supported:
#   bayrad, CFontz, CFontz633, CFontzPacket, curses, CwLnx, EyeboxOne,
#   g15, glcdlib, glk, hd44780, icp_a106, imon, IOWarrior, irman,
#   joy, lb216,lcdm001, lcterm, lirc,MD8800, ms6931, mtc_s16209x,
#   MtxOrb, NoritakeVFD, pyramid, sed1330, sed1520, serialVFD,
#   sli, stv5730, svga, t6963, text, tyan, ula200, xosd

You will need to change the driver to CFontz.


Now scroll down to the configuration for CFontz. You will want your configuration to match the following:


Please edit the Device to the one that matches your configuration. Also edit Contrast and Brightness to your desired tastes. Information on making those changes can be found on the LCDProc website and documentation.

  • Visit LCDproc to learn how to setup the startup scripts for LCDd.
  • Visit Mythlcdserver to learn how to configure MythTV to make use of the display.


Example of the 632 in use. MythTV was recording. (This is only an example. Actual display is more crisp and does not rotate as quickly).

CrystalFontz 632 Recording Animation