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Linux Infrared Remote Control

See :

The key things to remember are:

    • If you're using a PVR-350, at least, it won't work with stock Li Rc. You need 0.7.0 (as mentioned in Jarod's Guide)
    • Set up /etc/lircd.conf to fit your remote.
    • Use the irw program to see whether Li Rc and your remote are working before going any further. It shows what events are generated by your remote. This is very helpful!
    • Set up ~/.mythtv/lircrc with the keys that are needed for MythTV and MPlayer
    • Setup ~/.lircrc for Xine. I have the ~/.mythtv/lircrc be a softlink to ~/.lircrc. See my lircrc for a MythTV + Xine lircrc suggestion using the Hauppauge Grey remote. (If you want to add yours too, maybe we should create a Li Rc/Li Rc Rc page for them all)

-- Peter Morch

I use Knopp Myth and it worked out of the box for me with a Homebrew transmitter & receiver.

I use this /Sky Channel Changer Script with Sky in the UK - my sky box doesn't always change channels so it does it twice :) It also has 'locking' and works with the /Sky Dog Remover Script. I the ideas for this from a website somewhere.

-- David Greaves


/Li Rc26 is how I installed Lirc (well, the lirc_serial driver) under 2.6.4 and 2.6.6