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Here are some little gems that help when using MythTV.



  • Want password authentication to MythWeb? Check out the Securing MythWeb page for step by step advice on how to do it!

Myth Commands/tools

  • Did you know that the MythTV source tarball contains a contrib/ directory with lots of little tools for all sorts of things?


mythtvosd is a program which lets you display *anything* you want as an on screen display. This is useful for notifying you of mail, caller id, or anything you want! mythtvosd can be called using one of a series of built-in OSD templates:

- alert : displays a popup in the upper-right corner with a specified message. Use --alert_text="your message" command line switch.

- scroller : displays a scrolling message across the bottom of the screen. Use --scroll_text="your message" command line switch.

- cid : displays a caller-id formatted message, including calling phone number, name, time, etc. Use --caller_name="name", --caller_number="number", --caller_date="date" on the command line.

For example, to display a scrolling message across the screen, use:

mythtvosd --template=scroller --scroll_text="New mail has arrived."


  • Did you know that you can enable antialiasing by executing 'export QT_XFT=1' before starting MythFrontend? (ref.)

This will give you nice smooth fonts

  • Did you know that you can disable the XV acceleration (so you can take screenshots) by executing 'export NO_XV=1' before starting MythFrontend?


  • Did you know you can export the nuv file to vcd, xvid, avi, other?

Check out nuv2disk or nuvexport

  • Did you know you can merge two MPG files together?
cat File1 File2 > Merged File-name.

(This can't be done with NUV and AVI files, since they have a file header)

  • Did you know you can merge two AVI files by using the transcoder utilities?
avimerge -o "name of the new.avi" -i cd1.avi cd2.avi cd3.avi


  • Did you know that you can record a program in LiveTV by pressing RECORD which has a default keybinding of 'R'? The recording starts at the time you press the key. No data is copied from the LiveTV buffer. This will (hopefully) be resolved within the next few releases, as it is a much-requested feature. UPDATE: In MythTV .19, pressing 'R' will start the recording at the beginning of the program or at the beginning of the stream, which ever came first.
  • Did you know that playback and recording can be filtered on a per channel basis? See Filter Instructions.
  • Did you know that if you messed up the keybindings beyond recognition, you can execute the following (when using MySQL)
echo "delete from keybindings ;" | mysql -u mythtv -pmythtv mythconverg
  • Did you know that if you put *.png,*.jpg,*.jpeg or *.gif image files into your music folder, MythMusic will pick a random one when it plays from that folder and you're using the Album Art visualization.
  • Did you know that pressing 'd' in the profile-group menu lets you delete profile groups? (0.15+) (Is this still true? Doesn't seem to work in Knopp Myth 5A15.)
  • If you are having font related problems such as menu fonts not appearing a readable size, try installing the truetype Windows fonts using your distributions font installer.