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The [Logitech diNovo Mini http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/keyboards/keyboard/devices/3848&cl=au,en] is a palm-sized keyboard directly targeted at Home Theater PC users. It is a bluetooth keyboard that incorporates a full QWERTY layout with a touch-pad mouse.

Media Buttons

The keyboard includes a row of extra buttons along the top, plus some shifted, alternate, blue function buttons. At the time of writing (2008-08-22) these buttons are not natively supported under Linux or MythTV. However it's possible to re-map these keys to something useful for MythTV using xmodmap.

The program xmodmap takes a plain text file of key-codes (determined with the xev program), and the keystroke this code should generate.

 ! DiNovo Mini
 !     Volume Down:   keycode 174    XF86AudioLowerVolume
 !     Volume Up:     keycode 176    XF86AudioRaiseVolume
 !     Mute:          keycode 160    XF86AudioMute
 !     Record:        keycode 177    XF86AudioRecord
 !     Skip Left:     keycode 144    XF86AudioPrev
 !     Skip Right:    keycode 153    XF86AudioNext
 !     Stop:          keycode 164    XF86AudioStop
 !     Play/Pause:    keycode 162    XF86AudioPlay
 !     Back:          keycode 22  ?? Backspace
 !     --------------------------
 !     Music:         keycode 129    XF86Music
 !     Browser:       keycode 178    XF86WWW
 !     Power:         keycode 223    XF86Sleep
 keycode 174 = F10
 keycode 176 = F11
 keycode 160 = F9
 keycode 177 = R
 keycode 144 = Left
 keycode 153 = Right
 keycode 164 = Escape
 keycode 162 = P
 keycode 129 = XF86Music
 keycode 178 = XF86WWW
 keycode 223 = XF86Sleep

Save the above file. To bring the above functions up immediately enter:

 xmodmap /home/mythtv/.xmodmaprc

Now you need to make sure the above will come up each time the MythTV system is rebooted. Under KnoppMyth Release 5 F27 this can be done by editing the file /usr/local/bin/KnoppMyth-run and changing the line:

 CMD2='exec mythfrontend --logfile /var/log/mythtv/mythfrontend.log'


 CMD2='exec xmodmap /home/mythtv/.xmodmaprc | exec mythfrontend --logfile /var/log/mythtv/mythfrontend.log'

Lastly if you are running diskless frontends with the above hardware, you need to make sure the client machines will act appropriately. Under KnoppMyth you will need to edit the following file:

  /nfsroot/{machine name}/home/mythtv/.xmodmaprc

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