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Media Center Remotes

Windows Media Center Remotes (USB)

Vendors Website:

Support Status:

Initial Version:Supported

Newer revisions:Driver exists but is unstable


"Original" Remotes: lirc_mceusb included with lirc package

Newer "Phillips eHome":


USB Remote intended for Media Center PCs

Issues and Problems

The newer remotes are barely supported. This should change.

Associated Software


Installation guides

Need to write when I get time


Phillips eHome: Follow the INSTALL guide at Be sure that the source you are compiling against is the recomended 0.7.0 branch.

For my Gentoo (2.6.10) installation I had to do a few extra things. Before following any install documentation, remove all lirc_mceusb.ko and lirc_dev.ko modules. Mine were in /lib/modules/2.6.10/misc/ . I also had to remove /lib/dev-state/lirc* because devfs was apparently trying to restore some older (non working) lirc states.

Now follow the instructions in the INSTALL to verify proper installation (it may be helpful to load the module with "modprobe -v lirc_mceusb" to ensure you are loading the proper modules from the proper places).

I will add more to this as I understand it better, but for right now I finally have this working. Any help on Wiki Formatting would also be appreciated. This is a HardWare Template page - check back from time to time to make sure the style is consistent Category Hardware