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Unsuccessful response:
Unsuccessful response:
<pre>REJECT[]:[]<server protocol version></pre>
<pre>REJECT[]:[]<server protocol version></pre>
=== Telnet ===
A nice way of testing this is with telnet. Type the following command into a console window on the machine with mythbackend running on it:
<pre>telnet localhost 6543</pre>
And you should see the following information:
<pre>Trying localhost...
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.</pre>
Now copy and paste the MYTH_PROTO_VERSION command in exactly, hit return and you should see mythbackend respond with either accept or reject.
<pre>21      MYTH_PROTO_VERSION 40
13      ACCEPT[]:[]40</pre>
=== Changelog ===
=== Changelog ===

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Command arguments: <client protocol version> <client protocol token>

List arguments: none



30      MYTH_PROTO_VERSION 62 78B5631E


13      ACCEPT[]:[]62


If the version number given matches the protocol version number spoken by the server, the command will succeed. Otherwise, the command will fail. This should always be the first command sent by a client when it connects to insure that it will be understood by the server. The token is a simple randomly generated string, to ensure the client has been updated to support the version it claims to use.


Successful response:

ACCEPT[]:[]<server protocol version>

Unsuccessful response:

REJECT[]:[]<server protocol version>


version changeset description
1 [3021] initial version
62 [26280] added protocol token