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In order to facilitate users of MythTV on the Mac OSX platform, a project MythTV for Mac OSX, has been created on sourceforge for the purpose of hosting a comprehensive set of release builds for Myth TV on the Mac OSX platform.

We are looking for Myth users who are able to build releases for specific versions of Myth TV on the Mac OSX platform.

Once a release is created it will be uploaded on to the sourceforge project for regular users to download.

If you are interested in helping, please contact the project administrator via sourceforge. ]

Contributing a release

To be able to upload new releases you first need to become a contributor to the MythTV for MacOSX sourceforge project. To become a contributor contact the project administrator as above.

You should also have a look at the list of releases that are already available with the aim of contributing a release that isn't already available.

Building MythTV

Refer to the MythTV on Mac OSX build page

Preparing a release

All releases should be created as a 'dmg' file. Once you have completed building a release you can create a dmg file by running the following command (replacing <version> with the appropriate MythTV version number)

Release naming

To assist users in selecting the correct install each release should follow a consistent naming convention as follows:





<version> - the offical MythTV version name such as '0.23.1'

<platform> - intel, ppc or universe

<OSXVersion> - the OSX version such as 10.6

Creating the DMG

hdiutil create MythFrontend-<version>-<platform>-<OSXVersion>.dmg -fs HFS+ -srcfolder -volname MythFrontend-<version>-<platform>-<OSXVersion>


hdiutil create MythFrontend-0.23.1-intel-10.6.dmg -fs HFS+ -srcfolder -volname MythFrontend-0.23.1-intel-10.6

Project structure

In order to simplify the process of users selecting the correct version of MythTV the project has implemented a directory structure with the following folders

/ - should contain only current production releases of MythTV

/Older - should contain older releases of MythTV

/Development - should contain development versions of MythTV

The project administrator will take responsibility for migrating files to the 'Older' directory and deleted on Development releases as the become production ready.

Uploading a release

Given the typical size of a release is around 150MB we recommend that you use rsync to upload new releases.

Use the following command to upload a release, replacing <username> with your sourceforge username.

For production releases use:

rsync -avP  -e ssh *.dmg <username>,

For old releases use:

rsync -avP  -e ssh *.dmg <username>,

For development releases use:

rsync -avP -e ssh *.dmg <username>,

Promoting a release

Once you have uploaded a release you need to let the world know its available.

The easiest way to do this is to post a note on the main MythTV on Mac OSX page on this wiki.

Obtaining rsync

The easiest way to obtain rsync is via mac ports. Once you have installed mac ports you can install rsync via running the following command from the cli:

sudo port install rsync