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Welcome to the information and documentation wiki for MythTV!

While there are some late changes and new pages yet to move, this site is pretty much open for business now. There will still be lots of dust on the floor for the next little while, but if you haven't already set up an account, please do so, and forge ahead. If you've never worked on a wiki before, check out the Wiki Quick Start.

In the next week or so, some pointers will appear here on how to best interact with MediaWiki, our new wiki software, for those who don't have any Wikipedia experience.

Those helping out on the move should go to this site's version of the site move page.


The links below lead to Category list pages; if there's a page you know should exist, but it's not in the category you expect, you can find it in the list of all pages (or, the list of uncategorized pages).

Man.png User Manual
MythTV User Manual
Help index.png HOWTO
HOWTO documents describing common scenarios

Database.png Knowledge Base
Browse the MythTV Knowledge Base by category
Blockdevice.png Plugins
Documentation on individual Myth plugins
Hardware.png Hardware
Hardware related documentation
Kdict.png Glossary
Definitions of terms commonly used in this project
Binary.png Developer Documentation
Help with contributing to MythTV development
Jabber protocol.png Feature Wishlist
Suggestions for future features