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MythTV has a large and complex code base, and as such it can sometimes be difficult to know who is in charge of what.

This list is currently a work in progres

We are still building this list. MythTV devs who interested in being maintainers should their names under the appropriate section.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is made of up three senior members of the core development team. They are responsible for guiding the overall direction of MythTV development, along with coordinating development between the developers of each of the individual components.

  • Janne Grunau
  • Chris Petersen
  • Chris Pinkham

MythTV Core Maintainers

Note: This list will need some heavy editing. We may want to split up pieces of core into library, frontend, backend...

  • Database Schema
  • API and Protocols
  • Metadata and Grabbers
  • Scheduler
  • Video Rendering
  • User Experience and Themes
  • more to come...

Plugin Maintainers

  • MythArchive
  • MythBrowser
  • MythGallery
    • Gavin Hurlbut (if no others take it on)
  • MythGame
  • MythMusic
  • MythNetvision
  • MythNews
  • MythVideo
  • MythWeather
    • Gavin Hurlbut
  • MythWeb
    • Chris Petersen
    • Rob Smith
  • MythZoneminder

Language Bindings Maintainers

  • Perl
    • Chris Petersen
    • Gavin Hurlbut
  • PHP
    • Rob Smith
  • Python
    • Raymond Wagner


  • Server and Website
    • Chris Petersen
    • Rob Smith
  • nuvexport
    • Chris Petersen
    • Gavin Hurlbut