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Custom Record

Manual Schedule

Manual Schedule allows the MythTV user to manually enter parameters to be used for recording. This is very similar to controls that were made popular on VCR (video cassette recorder) devices.

The options are very straightforward and simple to use:

Channel: The desired channel to be recorded

Date or day of the week: This can be set to record a show up to two months in the future.

Time: The start time of the recording. Can be selected in 5 minute increments.

Duration: From 1 to 360 minutes

Title (optional)

Once this information is entered, the next step is to Set Recording Options.

Set Priorities

Upcoming Recordings

This screen lists all of the scheduled recordings, showing the time, channel, and title. When a program is actually recording, the text is shown in a red font; normally, it is green. Once a program has been recorded, it is removed from this list by MythTV.

Delete Recordings

Should you desire to erase any of your recordings, this is the screen to do it from. A list of all currently saved recordings is presented, along with a helpful thumbnail video preview of the content and a status bar indicating how much disk space has been used and how much is still free.

To delete a video, scroll to the selection, and press the "OK" button on the remote. A confirmation screen will appear; select "Yes, delete it" and the video is erased. This screen defaults to "No", so should you accidentally press "OK" here, your video will still be saved.

Previously Recorded