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menu-ui.xml is a new file proposed to be used to specify the organisation of mythtv's main menu screens


It is comprised of: The mainmenu window.

   <window name="mainmenu">

font definitions: <font name="basefont" face="Arial"> <color>#FFFFFF</color> <size>22</size> <size:small>16</size:small> <size:big>50</size:big> </font> <font name="redfont" from="basefont"> <!-- define new font called 'redfont', inherited from 'basefont' - note 'from=' replaces old 'base=' format --> <color>#FF0000</color> </font> <font name="greenfont" from="basefont"> <color>#00FF00</color> </font> An (optional) clock definition:

   <clock name="clock">
        <area>300,200,200,40</area>  <!-- clock area 200 px wide by 40 px high starting at 300,300 -->
        <align>right</align>  <!-- optional attribute, defaults to  'left' -->
        <format>%DATE% %TIME%</format> <!-- valid values are:  -->
        <alpha>200</alpha> <!-- optional, sets text opacity.  Defaults to 255 -->