Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 700

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The Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 700 Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 700

Media Buttons

The "extra" buttons above the function keys can be used to make this keyboard act like an oversized remote control. To use the buttons we edit (or if it doesn't already exit we create) the .xmodmaprc file in the mythtv users. For most this means we are working with the /home/mythtv/.xmodmaprc file.

 ! Keymap for Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 700
 ! Skip Back
 keycode 144 = Left
 ! Skip Forward
 keycode 153 = Right
 ! Stop
 keycode 164 = Escape
 ! PlayPause
 keycode 162 = P
 ! VolUp
 keycode 176 = bracketright
 ! VolDn
 keycode 174 = bracketleft
 ! Mute
 keycode 160 = bar
 ! e-mail - switch between screen modes
 keycode 236 = W

Unlike the fast forward or volume buttons there is no clearly linked function for the e-mail button. In my case I tied that to the switch between screen modes, but go with what ever "extra" function works for you...

Save the above. To bring the above functions up immediately enter:

 xmodmap /home/mythtv/.xmodmaprc

Now you need to make sure the above will come up each time the MythTV system is rebooted. Under KnoppMyth version this can be done by editing the file /usr/local/bin/KnoppMyth-run and changing the line:

 CMD2='exec mythfrontend --logfile /var/log/mythtv/mythfrontend.log'


 CMD2='exec xmodmap /home/mythtv/.xmodmaprc | exec mythfrontend --logfile /var/log/mythtv/mythfrontend.log'

Lastly if you are running diskless frontends with the above hardware, you need to make sure the client machines will act appropriately. Under KnoppMyth you will need to edit the following file:

  /nfsroot/{machine name}/home/mythtv/.xmodmaprc