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* Ask for individual channels, not the full line-up, as it'll give you a chance to diagnose channel list issues, & disable channels (in the config file it creates, via “channel!12345” instead of “channel=12345”).  For my BSkyB listings, the full set was ~600 channels, and I don't use anything like that many.
* Ask for individual channels, not the full line-up, as it'll give you a chance to diagnose channel list issues, & disable channels (in the config file it creates, via “channel!12345” instead of “channel=12345”).  For my BSkyB listings, the full set was ~600 channels, and I don't use anything like that many.
You should get a viable config. file out of it, in '''~/.xmltv/tv_grab_sd_json''', and see the list of channels you have available.
You should get a viable configuration file out of it, in '''~/.xmltv/tv_grab_sd_json.conf''', and see the list of channels you have available.
==Do a trial run==
==Do a trial run==

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This is a write up from memory of the main steps taken to set up Schedules Direct (SD) for a UK configuration, especially with respect to converting old Radio Times (RT) or Atlas feed configurations, both of which will be becoming unavailable at time of writing.

Back up your database. I take no responsibility for mistake or errors below or on your part - double check everything!

Create an account on Schedules Direct

Go to http://schedulesdirect.org/ and create an account; you get a 7 day free trial, which you can and should extend by a year (US$25) once you know it works for you. You'll need your username and password.

You do not need to do anything else on their website, the line-up configuration is all done by the grabber script.

Acquire XMLTV with tv_grab_sd_json

This step, which is beyond the scope of this article (somewhat unfortunately since it's not a small step) is to acquire the initial snapshot version of XMLTV containing a working tv_grab_sd_json (http://snapshot.xmltv.org/). This is required at time of writing (2016/05/22) - post xmltv release 0.5.67 - so it should be in 0.5.68 onwards.

I built both CentOS-6 and Fedora 23 RPMs; my Myth box is on CentOS-6 but that has a version of perl UserAgent too old to work with the configuration side of the grabber, so I had to do the config. on my Fedora box. Listing fetching works OK on CentOS-6 though.

You may find this brief installation process posted on the xmltv mailing list useful (courtesy of Ian Campbell):

  • Grabbed https://github.com/knowledgejunkie/XMLTV.git (which is a mirror of the official CVS, but seems to be up to date enough)
  • "perl Makefile.pl && make"
  • Copied blib/script/tv_grab_sd_json to /usr/local/bin (I did it this way because the Debian packages haven't picked up sd_json yet so this is just a stopgap until they do.

Configure your feeds for the first time


tv_grab_sd_json --configure

.. and answer its questions.

  • Ask for MythTV format channel IDs (5-digits), if only because that's what I used and appears in my mappings below.
  • Where it asks for the country, I used GBR but apparently if you know the specific feed (and the list it offers after your post-code doesn't contain what you want (raise a ticket with SD in this case, they're very good as responding) you can enter the full line-up code (e.g., GBR-0001172-DEFAULT). See http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.tv.xmltv.devel/11247 for a list of codes for UK transmitters.
  • If you can, use the code provided by the above link for your DVB-T transmitter. The post-code-based one (“OTA”) is actually likely not what you want (although it will offer the correct Satellite options).
  • For your post-code, only enter first part, as it otherwise gets confused and only offers you limited (non-localised) sources.
  • Ask for individual channels, not the full line-up, as it'll give you a chance to diagnose channel list issues, & disable channels (in the config file it creates, via “channel!12345” instead of “channel=12345”). For my BSkyB listings, the full set was ~600 channels, and I don't use anything like that many.

You should get a viable configuration file out of it, in ~/.xmltv/tv_grab_sd_json.conf, and see the list of channels you have available.

Do a trial run

Run the grabber and check you get something sensible. If you have the default initial channel list this might give quite a large XML file.

tv_grab_sd_json --config-file ~/.xmltv/tv_grab_sd_json.conf  --output /tmp/sd.xml

Make sure the grabber runs OK and the output file looks sane.

Update MythTV

Backup your database now! If you don't use /usr/share/mythtv/mythconverg_backup.pl on a regular basis, start now.

Change the grabber configuration in mythtvsetup

You should probably edit your sources in mythtvsetup (remember you need to stop mythbackend when running that) to use tv_grab_sd_json. It is not believed that the built-in SD option in Myth works outside of the US as we think it still uses the XML API from SD, not the new JSON one, and only that has non-US feeds.

I haven't yet done that, as I run a script that fetches and injects the listings outside of Myth instead of getting it to do it off its own back for various reasons.

Update the channel database to use the SD channel IDs

Well, you can do this manually, or use a version of the SQL script below. Either use the mythtvsetup editor or the SQL command line. See the xmltvid mappings below.

If you use the script below, search your setup for channel IDs that still aren't the 5-digit SD format, as you'll need to convert those yourself (and please add them to the list below for others!)

Remove old program IDs from the database

This is optional, and your call. I did it, and it mostly worked out OK.

It looks like if we change data source (and get different programme IDs) we might have to delete the programme IDs for all previously recorded episodes. If both previous and upcoming episodes have IDs, MythTV only uses them to detect duplicates, and thus will re-record everything it comes across. If one of the other is missing, it falls back to the usual mechanism (title/subtitle/etc.).

I used the following within mysql to delete old program IDs that XMLTV had injected (the patterns hopefully exclude those added by over-the-air EIT listings which will carry on as normal).

 update oldrecorded set programid='' where  \
   programid rlike '^EP[0-9]+[a-z]?$' or  \
   programid rlike '^MV[0-9]+[a-z]?$' or  \
   programid rlike '^SH[0-9]+[a-z]?$' or  \
   programid rlike '^SP[0-9]+[a-z]?$';
 update recorded set programid='' where  \
   programid rlike '^EP[0-9]+[a-z]?$' or  \
   programid rlike '^MV[0-9]+[a-z]?$' or  \
   programid rlike '^SH[0-9]+[a-z]?$' or  \
   programid rlike '^SP[0-9]+[a-z]?$';
 update recordedprogram set programid='' where  \
   programid rlike '^EP[0-9]+[a-z]?$' or  \
   programid rlike '^MV[0-9]+[a-z]?$' or  \
   programid rlike '^SH[0-9]+[a-z]?$' or  \
   programid rlike '^SP[0-9]+[a-z]?$';

Even after this, I still found a whole load of re-recordings appear, but I think it would have been worse without doing it. If you skip this step, you'll probably just have to perform a little more upcoming-recordings maintenance for a while.

Set up the xmltv config

Copy ~/.xmltv/tv_grab_sd_json.conf over your previous ~/.mythtv/SOURCENAME.xmltv file(s), or maybe even creat the symbolic link to the xmltv original.

I actually copy the config. to a SOURCE.xmltv.hdr, and delete all the channel lines. Then, in my fetch script, I extend the config file (each time) with just the channels I have in my database, so that if I fiddle with channels, I don't have to remember to update the xmltv files (which I used to pretty much forget every time!).

# For the Freeview source, which is sourceid 1 in my setup
cp -f $HOME/.mythtv/Freeview.xmltv.hdr $HOME/.mythtv/Freeview.xmltv
mysql -NB -u DBUSER --password=DBPASS mythconverg -e \
   'select distinct concat("channel=",xmltvid) from channel where sourceid = 1 and xmltvid <> "" order by xmltvid' \
   >>  $HOME/.mythtv/Freeview.xmltv

Perform your first update

If you just go with the flow, it should be as simple as:


At least initially, I recommend the following, to prevent extra rogue channels from your lineup being added. I always automatically check for and delete automatically added channels after the fetch (those without a channum field).

mythfilldatabase --only-update-guide --dont-refresh-tba

If you do things manually, follow your own modified process to do the deed.


Try searching both the mythtv-users and xmltv-users mailing lists. If you want to post something, xmltv-users would be best solely for issues with the grabber, otherwise you should head to the mythtv-users list.

Please update this page with error fixes or other useful information!


  • “Marvel's Agents of SHIELD” now comes down (correctly) as “Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” so existing rules likely won't match.


Mapping of old RT IDs to new SD IDs

Please amend as you see fit, this is only the list of channels matching my set-up (South-East Freeview and BSkyB). Take the channel names with a bit of a pinch of salt - they could be well out of date as these things tend to change on a regular basis, and also reflect my preferences over advertised channel names(!).

The IDs may also be old ones which the RT grabber aliased when the channels changed; my setup dates back to 2004.

EDIT - Unlike the RT UK IDs, some channels will possibly have different SD IDs depending upon their source; I initially made this focussed on a Sky channel listing, but a couple are not present in DVB-T line-ups (selected from the transmitter-based list as opposed the the script-0proferred post-code based list). I've updated the list below, but not the SQL conversion script after it. You'll have to adjust those manually. Check the output of running tv_grab_sd_json for unrecognised channel IDs.

1.movies4men.co.uk                              46306       # Movies4Men
1.truemovies.tv                                 50011       # True Movies 2
2.jr.nickelodeon.co.uk                          50269       # Nick Jr 2
2.truemovies.tv                                 44717       # True Movies 1
4music.channel4.com                             31786       # 4Music
4seven.channel4.com                             75804       # 4seven
6music.radio.bbc.co.uk                          30166       # BBC 6 Music
action.cbs.com                                  73970       # CBS Action
alibi.uktv.co.uk                                21258       # Alibi
animalplanet.discoveryeurope.com                20707       # Animal Planet
arts.sky.com                                    24919       # Sky Arts
atlantic.sky.com                                70434       # Sky Atlantic
b4utv.com                                       25529       # B4U Movies
base.mtv.co.uk                                  24217       # MTV Base
bbcfour.bbc.co.uk                               20684       # BBC FOUR
bloomberg.com                                   20711       # Bloomberg Television
boomerang.cartoonnetwork.com                    24341       # Boomerang
british.eurosport.com                           18337       # British Eurosport
cbbc.bbc.co.uk                                  29324       # CBBC
cbeebies.bbc.co.uk                              29325       # CBeebies
central.itv1.itv.co.uk                          21832       # ITV 1 London (Carlton)
challengetv.co.uk                               17454       # TLC
channel4.com                                    17155       # Channel 4
channel5.co.uk                                  17157       # Channel 5
citv.itv.co.uk                                  49452       # CITV
comedycentral.com                               17420       # Comedy Central
communitychannel.org                            24677       # Community Channel
dance.mtv.co.uk                                 25976       # MTV Dance
dave.uktv.co.uk                                 24305       # Dave
discoveryeurope.com                             17444       # Discovery Channel
disneychannel.disney.co.uk                      18377       # Disney Channel
drama.cbs.com                                   57827       # CBS Drama
e4.channel4.com                                 25117       # E4
eden.uktv.co.uk                                 35806       # Eden
eentertainment.com                              32195       # E! Entertainment
encore.itv.com                                  89886       # ITV Encore
euronews.com                                    82432       # Euronews
europe.cnbc.com                                 16230       # CNBC Europe
europe.cnn.com                                  68053       # CNN International
extra.5live.radio.bbc.co.uk                     29920       # BBC 5L SportsX
extra.comedycentral.com                         34230       # Comedy Central Extra
filmfour.channel4.com                           21494       # Film4
fiver.channel5.co.uk                            52336       # 5*
fiveusa.channel5.co.uk                          52335       # 5 USA
freeview.hd.channel4.com                        50716       # Channel 4 HD
fxuk.tv                                         35484       # Fox
gold.uktv.co.uk                                 17442       # Gold
goodfood.uktv.co.uk                             28634       # Good Food
hd.bbc1.bbc.co.uk                               69387       # BBC ONE HD
hd.bbc2.bbc.co.uk                               50059       # BBC TWO HD
hd.cbbc.bbc.co.uk                               83281       # CBBC HD
hd.southeast-macro.itv1.itv.co.uk               67073       # ITV HD
health.discovery.com                            24657       # Discovery Home & Health
history.discoveryeurope.com                     24280       # Discovery History
hits.mtv.co.uk                                  24214       # MTV Hits
home.uktv.co.uk                                 21257       # Home
horror.cbs.com                                  42762       # Horror Channel
idealworld.tv                                   24669       # Ideal World
itv2.itv.co.uk                                  20630       # ITV2
itv3.itv.co.uk                                  44643       # ITV3
itv4.itv.co.uk                                  48020       # ITV4
jr.nickelodeon.co.uk                            24025       # Nick Jr
kerrang.com                                     25627       # Kerrang! TV
kiss-tv.kiss100.com                             25605       # Kiss TV
living.sky.com                                  17443       # Sky Living
magictv.co.uk                                   25607       # Magic
meridian.itv1.itv.co.uk                         21826       # ITV1
more4.channel4.com                              47657       # More 4
motors.tv                                       30141       # Motors TV
mtv.co.uk                                       58695       # MTV UK
nationalgeographic.co.uk                        21592       # National Geographic
news.bbc.co.uk                                  19037       # BBC NEWS
news.eurosport.com                              27413       # British Eurosport 2
news.sports.sky.com                             20643       # Sky Sports News
nickelodeon.co.uk                               17419       # Nickelodeon UK
northern-ireland.bbc2.bbc.co.uk                 29046       # BBC 2 Northern Ireland
parliament.bbc.co.uk                            20685       # BBC Parliament
playboy.com                                     69376       # Playboy TV
plus-1.1.movies4men.co.uk                       59406       # Movies4Men +1
plus-1.comedycentral.com                        47480       # Comedy Central +1
plus-1.meridian.itv1.itv.co.uk                  65161       # ITV1 +1
plus-1.quest.discoveryeurope.com                65394       # Quest +1
plus-1.science.discoveryeurope.com              56266       # Discovery Science +1
plus-1.universalchannel.co.uk                   60936       # Universal +1
plus-1.xd.disney.co.uk                          24073       # Disney XD +1
quest.discoveryeurope.com                       62391       # Quest
qvcuk.com                                       21810       # QVC
radio-1.bbc.co.uk                               24434       # BBC Radio 1
radio-2.bbc.co.uk                               24435       # BBC Radio 2
radio-3.bbc.co.uk                               24436       # BBC Radio 3
radio-4.bbc.co.uk                               24437       # BBC Radio 4
radio-5.bbc.co.uk                               24438       # BBC R5 Live
reality.cbs.com                                 31756       # CBS Reality
really.uktv.co.uk                               45828       # Really
sat.2.travelchannel.co.uk                       32286       # Travel Channel +1
sat.travelchannel.co.uk                         17453       # Travel Channel
science.discoveryeurope.com                     24282       # Discovery Science
scuzz.tv                                        32669       # Scuzz
setindia.com                                    57603       # Sony Entertainment TV Asia
sky-news.sky.com                                16234       # Sky News
sky-one.sky.com                                 16235       # Sky One
sky-three.sky.com                               48021       # Pick TV
sky-two.sky.com                                 32151       # Sky 2
smashhits.net                                   26084       # Smash Hits! TV
sonytv.com                                      31759       # Sony TV
south-east.bbc1.bbc.co.uk                       24337       # BBC ONE S East
south-east.bbc2.bbc.co.uk                       17154       # BBC TWO
spike.com                                       97330       # Spike
tcm.turner.com                                  88256       # TCM
televisionx.co.uk                               47738       # Television X
theadultchannel.co.uk                           66975       # The Adult Channel
thebox.co.uk                                    21492       # The Box
thehistorychannel.co.uk                         21558       # History Channel
too.cartoonnetwork.com                          31760       # Cartoonito
toons.nickelodeon.co.uk                         31168       # Nicktoons TV
tsod.plus-1.alibi.uktv.co.uk                    45509       # Alibi +1
tsod.plus-1.animalplanet.discoveryeurope.com    26098       # Animal Planet +1
tsod.plus-1.boomerang.cartoonnetwork.com        48928       # Boomerang +1
tsod.plus-1.challengetv.co.uk                   45283       # Challenge +1
tsod.plus-1.channel4.com                        56892       # Channel 4 +1
tsod.plus-1.channel5.co.uk                      56888       # Channel 5 +1 (Sky)
tsod.plus-1.channel5.co.uk                      97294       # Channel 5 +1 (DVB-T)
tsod.plus-1.dave.uktv.co.uk                     44855       # Dave ja vu
tsod.plus-1.discoveryeurope.com                 21557       # Discovery Channel +1
tsod.plus-1.disneychannel.disney.co.uk          50587       # Disney Channel +1
tsod.plus-1.e4.channel4.com                     33882       # E4 +1
tsod.plus-1.eden.uktv.co.uk                     35945       # Eden +1
tsod.plus-1.filmfour.channel4.com               25630       # Film4 +1
tsod.plus-1.fiveusa.channel5.co.uk              56890       # 5 USA +1
tsod.plus-1.gold.uktv.co.uk                     31351       # Gold +1
tsod.plus-1.goodfood.uktv.co.uk                 34898       # Good Food +1
tsod.plus-1.health.discovery.com                46490       # Discovery Home & Health +1
tsod.plus-1.home.uktv.co.uk                     29969       # Home +1
tsod.plus-1.itv2.itv.co.uk                      53059       # ITV2 +1
tsod.plus-1.itv3.itv.co.uk                      53060       # ITV3+1 (Sky)
tsod.plus-1.itv3.itv.co.uk                      98366       # ITV3+1 (DVB-T)
tsod.plus-1.living.sky.com                      31949       # Sky Living +1
tsod.plus-1.more4.channel4.com                  47658       # More 4 +1
tsod.plus-1.mtv.co.uk                           35370       # MTV +1
tsod.plus-1.nationalgeographic.co.uk            24112       # National Geographic +1
tsod.plus-1.reality.cbs.com                     45510       # CBS Reality +1
tsod.plus-1.thehistorychannel.co.uk             24699       # History Channel +1
tsod.plus-1.uk.syfy.com                         49969       # SyFy +1
tsod.plus-1.watch.uktv.co.uk                    61459       # Watch +1
tsod.plus-1.yesterday.uktv.co.uk                35706       # Yesterday +1
turbo.discoveryeurope.com                       24284       # Discovery Turbo
tv5.org                                         21495       # TV5Monde Europe
uk.cartoonnetwork.com                           17667       # Cartoon Network
uk.syfy.com                                     17431       # SyFy
universalchannel.co.uk                          24671       # Universal
vh1.co.uk                                       17745       # VH1
wales.bbc2.bbc.co.uk                            28573       # BBC 2 Wales
watch.uktv.co.uk                                61458       # Watch
wild.nationalgeographic.co.uk                   23305       # National Geographic Wild
xd.disney.co.uk                                 18379       # Disney XD
xtra.1.radio.bbc.co.uk                          31266       # 1Xtra BBC
yesterday.uktv.co.uk                            31783       # Yesterday

SQL script to convert the xmltvids in the database

This script should convert the xmltvid values in your database from RT ones to SD ones. I prefer to save this sort of thing off as a file, and then running it into a command-liane manually, as it allows you to test it with a copy of the file with just a single line in case of problems. If you save it as xmltv-map.sql then:

mysql --default-character-set=utf8 -u DBUSER --password=DBPASS mythconverg < xmltv-map.sql

Amend the same as per the mappings above! You don't have to remove any channels you don't have, as the SQL commands for those will simply do nothing on your system.

 update channel set xmltvid='46306' where xmltvid='1.movies4men.co.uk';                              -- Movies4Men
 update channel set xmltvid='50011' where xmltvid='1.truemovies.tv';                                 -- True Movies 2
 update channel set xmltvid='50269' where xmltvid='2.jr.nickelodeon.co.uk';                          -- Nick Jr 2
 update channel set xmltvid='44717' where xmltvid='2.truemovies.tv';                                 -- True Movies 1
 update channel set xmltvid='31786' where xmltvid='4music.channel4.com';                             -- 4Music
 update channel set xmltvid='75804' where xmltvid='4seven.channel4.com';                             -- 4seven
 update channel set xmltvid='30166' where xmltvid='6music.radio.bbc.co.uk';                          -- BBC 6 Music
 update channel set xmltvid='73970' where xmltvid='action.cbs.com';                                  -- CBS Action
 update channel set xmltvid='21258' where xmltvid='alibi.uktv.co.uk';                                -- Alibi
 update channel set xmltvid='20707' where xmltvid='animalplanet.discoveryeurope.com';                -- Animal Planet
 update channel set xmltvid='24919' where xmltvid='arts.sky.com';                                    -- Sky Arts
 update channel set xmltvid='70434' where xmltvid='atlantic.sky.com';                                -- Sky Atlantic
 update channel set xmltvid='25529' where xmltvid='b4utv.com';                                       -- B4U Movies
 update channel set xmltvid='24217' where xmltvid='base.mtv.co.uk';                                  -- MTV Base
 update channel set xmltvid='20684' where xmltvid='bbcfour.bbc.co.uk';                               -- BBC FOUR
 update channel set xmltvid='20711' where xmltvid='bloomberg.com';                                   -- Bloomberg Television
 update channel set xmltvid='24341' where xmltvid='boomerang.cartoonnetwork.com';                    -- Boomerang
 update channel set xmltvid='18337' where xmltvid='british.eurosport.com';                           -- British Eurosport
 update channel set xmltvid='29324' where xmltvid='cbbc.bbc.co.uk';                                  -- CBBC
 update channel set xmltvid='29325' where xmltvid='cbeebies.bbc.co.uk';                              -- CBeebies
 update channel set xmltvid='21832' where xmltvid='central.itv1.itv.co.uk';                          -- ITV 1 London (Carlton)
 update channel set xmltvid='17454' where xmltvid='challengetv.co.uk';                               -- TLC
 update channel set xmltvid='17155' where xmltvid='channel4.com';                                    -- Channel 4
 update channel set xmltvid='17157' where xmltvid='channel5.co.uk';                                  -- Channel 5
 update channel set xmltvid='49452' where xmltvid='citv.itv.co.uk';                                  -- CITV
 update channel set xmltvid='17420' where xmltvid='comedycentral.com';                               -- Comedy Central
 update channel set xmltvid='24677' where xmltvid='communitychannel.org';                            -- Community Channel
 update channel set xmltvid='25976' where xmltvid='dance.mtv.co.uk';                                 -- MTV Dance
 update channel set xmltvid='24305' where xmltvid='dave.uktv.co.uk';                                 -- Dave
 update channel set xmltvid='17444' where xmltvid='discoveryeurope.com';                             -- Discovery Channel
 update channel set xmltvid='18377' where xmltvid='disneychannel.disney.co.uk';                      -- Disney Channel
 update channel set xmltvid='57827' where xmltvid='drama.cbs.com';                                   -- CBS Drama
 update channel set xmltvid='25117' where xmltvid='e4.channel4.com';                                 -- E4
 update channel set xmltvid='35806' where xmltvid='eden.uktv.co.uk';                                 -- Eden
 update channel set xmltvid='32195' where xmltvid='eentertainment.com';                              -- E! Entertainment
 update channel set xmltvid='89886' where xmltvid='encore.itv.com';                                  -- ITV Encore
 update channel set xmltvid='82432' where xmltvid='euronews.com';                                    -- Euronews
 update channel set xmltvid='16230' where xmltvid='europe.cnbc.com';                                 -- CNBC Europe
 update channel set xmltvid='68053' where xmltvid='europe.cnn.com';                                  -- CNN International
 update channel set xmltvid='29920' where xmltvid='extra.5live.radio.bbc.co.uk';                     -- BBC 5L SportsX
 update channel set xmltvid='34230' where xmltvid='extra.comedycentral.com';                         -- Comedy Central Extra
 update channel set xmltvid='21494' where xmltvid='filmfour.channel4.com';                           -- Film4
 update channel set xmltvid='52336' where xmltvid='fiver.channel5.co.uk';                            -- 5*
 update channel set xmltvid='52335' where xmltvid='fiveusa.channel5.co.uk';                          -- 5 USA
 update channel set xmltvid='50716' where xmltvid='freeview.hd.channel4.com';                        -- Channel 4 HD
 update channel set xmltvid='35484' where xmltvid='fxuk.tv';                                         -- Fox
 update channel set xmltvid='17442' where xmltvid='gold.uktv.co.uk';                                 -- Gold
 update channel set xmltvid='28634' where xmltvid='goodfood.uktv.co.uk';                             -- Good Food
 update channel set xmltvid='69387' where xmltvid='hd.bbc1.bbc.co.uk';                               -- BBC ONE HD
 update channel set xmltvid='50059' where xmltvid='hd.bbc2.bbc.co.uk';                               -- BBC TWO HD
 update channel set xmltvid='83281' where xmltvid='hd.cbbc.bbc.co.uk';                               -- CBBC HD
 update channel set xmltvid='67073' where xmltvid='hd.southeast-macro.itv1.itv.co.uk';               -- ITV HD
 update channel set xmltvid='24657' where xmltvid='health.discovery.com';                            -- Discovery Home & Health
 update channel set xmltvid='24280' where xmltvid='history.discoveryeurope.com';                     -- Discovery History
 update channel set xmltvid='24214' where xmltvid='hits.mtv.co.uk';                                  -- MTV Hits
 update channel set xmltvid='21257' where xmltvid='home.uktv.co.uk';                                 -- Home
 update channel set xmltvid='42762' where xmltvid='horror.cbs.com';                                  -- Horror Channel
 update channel set xmltvid='24669' where xmltvid='idealworld.tv';                                   -- Ideal World
 update channel set xmltvid='20630' where xmltvid='itv2.itv.co.uk';                                  -- ITV2
 update channel set xmltvid='44643' where xmltvid='itv3.itv.co.uk';                                  -- ITV3
 update channel set xmltvid='48020' where xmltvid='itv4.itv.co.uk';                                  -- ITV4
 update channel set xmltvid='24025' where xmltvid='jr.nickelodeon.co.uk';                            -- Nick Jr
 update channel set xmltvid='25627' where xmltvid='kerrang.com';                                     -- Kerrang! TV
 update channel set xmltvid='25605' where xmltvid='kiss-tv.kiss100.com';                             -- Kiss TV
 update channel set xmltvid='17443' where xmltvid='living.sky.com';                                  -- Sky Living
 update channel set xmltvid='25607' where xmltvid='magictv.co.uk';                                   -- Magic
 update channel set xmltvid='21826' where xmltvid='meridian.itv1.itv.co.uk';                         -- ITV1
 update channel set xmltvid='47657' where xmltvid='more4.channel4.com';                              -- More 4
 update channel set xmltvid='30141' where xmltvid='motors.tv';                                       -- Motors TV
 update channel set xmltvid='58695' where xmltvid='mtv.co.uk';                                       -- MTV UK
 update channel set xmltvid='21592' where xmltvid='nationalgeographic.co.uk';                        -- National Geographic
 update channel set xmltvid='19037' where xmltvid='news.bbc.co.uk';                                  -- BBC NEWS
 update channel set xmltvid='27413' where xmltvid='news.eurosport.com';                              -- British Eurosport 2
 update channel set xmltvid='20643' where xmltvid='news.sports.sky.com';                             -- Sky Sports News
 update channel set xmltvid='17419' where xmltvid='nickelodeon.co.uk';                               -- Nickelodeon UK
 update channel set xmltvid='29046' where xmltvid='northern-ireland.bbc2.bbc.co.uk';                 -- BBC 2 Northern Ireland
 update channel set xmltvid='20685' where xmltvid='parliament.bbc.co.uk';                            -- BBC Parliament
 update channel set xmltvid='69376' where xmltvid='playboy.com';                                     -- Playboy TV
 update channel set xmltvid='59406' where xmltvid='plus-1.1.movies4men.co.uk';                       -- Movies4Men +1
 update channel set xmltvid='47480' where xmltvid='plus-1.comedycentral.com';                        -- Comedy Central +1
 update channel set xmltvid='65161' where xmltvid='plus-1.meridian.itv1.itv.co.uk';                  -- ITV1 +1
 update channel set xmltvid='65394' where xmltvid='plus-1.quest.discoveryeurope.com';                -- Quest +1
 update channel set xmltvid='56266' where xmltvid='plus-1.science.discoveryeurope.com';              -- Discovery Science +1
 update channel set xmltvid='60936' where xmltvid='plus-1.universalchannel.co.uk';                   -- Universal +1
 update channel set xmltvid='24073' where xmltvid='plus-1.xd.disney.co.uk';                          -- Disney XD +1
 update channel set xmltvid='62391' where xmltvid='quest.discoveryeurope.com';                       -- Quest
 update channel set xmltvid='21810' where xmltvid='qvcuk.com';                                       -- QVC
 update channel set xmltvid='24434' where xmltvid='radio-1.bbc.co.uk';                               -- BBC Radio 1
 update channel set xmltvid='24435' where xmltvid='radio-2.bbc.co.uk';                               -- BBC Radio 2
 update channel set xmltvid='24436' where xmltvid='radio-3.bbc.co.uk';                               -- BBC Radio 3
 update channel set xmltvid='24437' where xmltvid='radio-4.bbc.co.uk';                               -- BBC Radio 4
 update channel set xmltvid='24438' where xmltvid='radio-5.bbc.co.uk';                               -- BBC R5 Live
 update channel set xmltvid='31756' where xmltvid='reality.cbs.com';                                 -- CBS Reality
 update channel set xmltvid='45828' where xmltvid='really.uktv.co.uk';                               -- Really
 update channel set xmltvid='32286' where xmltvid='sat.2.travelchannel.co.uk';                       -- Travel Channel +1
 update channel set xmltvid='17453' where xmltvid='sat.travelchannel.co.uk';                         -- Travel Channel
 update channel set xmltvid='24282' where xmltvid='science.discoveryeurope.com';                     -- Discovery Science
 update channel set xmltvid='32669' where xmltvid='scuzz.tv';                                        -- Scuzz
 update channel set xmltvid='57603' where xmltvid='setindia.com';                                    -- Sony Entertainment TV Asia
 update channel set xmltvid='16234' where xmltvid='sky-news.sky.com';                                -- Sky News
 update channel set xmltvid='16235' where xmltvid='sky-one.sky.com';                                 -- Sky One
 update channel set xmltvid='48021' where xmltvid='sky-three.sky.com';                               -- Pick TV
 update channel set xmltvid='32151' where xmltvid='sky-two.sky.com';                                 -- Sky 2
 update channel set xmltvid='26084' where xmltvid='smashhits.net';                                   -- Smash Hits! TV
 update channel set xmltvid='31759' where xmltvid='sonytv.com';                                      -- Sony TV
 update channel set xmltvid='24337' where xmltvid='south-east.bbc1.bbc.co.uk';                       -- BBC ONE S East
 update channel set xmltvid='17154' where xmltvid='south-east.bbc2.bbc.co.uk';                       -- BBC TWO
 update channel set xmltvid='97330' where xmltvid='spike.com';                                       -- Spike
 update channel set xmltvid='88256' where xmltvid='tcm.turner.com';                                  -- TCM
 update channel set xmltvid='47738' where xmltvid='televisionx.co.uk';                               -- Television X
 update channel set xmltvid='66975' where xmltvid='theadultchannel.co.uk';                           -- The Adult Channel
 update channel set xmltvid='21492' where xmltvid='thebox.co.uk';                                    -- The Box
 update channel set xmltvid='21558' where xmltvid='thehistorychannel.co.uk';                         -- History Channel
 update channel set xmltvid='31760' where xmltvid='too.cartoonnetwork.com';                          -- Cartoonito
 update channel set xmltvid='31168' where xmltvid='toons.nickelodeon.co.uk';                         -- Nicktoons TV
 update channel set xmltvid='45509' where xmltvid='tsod.plus-1.alibi.uktv.co.uk';                    -- Alibi +1
 update channel set xmltvid='26098' where xmltvid='tsod.plus-1.animalplanet.discoveryeurope.com';    -- Animal Planet +1
 update channel set xmltvid='48928' where xmltvid='tsod.plus-1.boomerang.cartoonnetwork.com';        -- Boomerang +1
 update channel set xmltvid='45283' where xmltvid='tsod.plus-1.challengetv.co.uk';                   -- Challenge +1
 update channel set xmltvid='56892' where xmltvid='tsod.plus-1.channel4.com';                        -- Channel 4 +1
 update channel set xmltvid='77749' where xmltvid='tsod.plus-1.channel5.co.uk';                      -- Channel 5 +1
 update channel set xmltvid='44855' where xmltvid='tsod.plus-1.dave.uktv.co.uk';                     -- Dave ja vu
 update channel set xmltvid='21557' where xmltvid='tsod.plus-1.discoveryeurope.com';                 -- Discovery Channel +1
 update channel set xmltvid='50587' where xmltvid='tsod.plus-1.disneychannel.disney.co.uk';          -- Disney Channel +1
 update channel set xmltvid='33882' where xmltvid='tsod.plus-1.e4.channel4.com';                     -- E4 +1
 update channel set xmltvid='35945' where xmltvid='tsod.plus-1.eden.uktv.co.uk';                     -- Eden +1
 update channel set xmltvid='25630' where xmltvid='tsod.plus-1.filmfour.channel4.com';               -- Film4 +1
 update channel set xmltvid='56890' where xmltvid='tsod.plus-1.fiveusa.channel5.co.uk';              -- 5 USA +1
 update channel set xmltvid='31351' where xmltvid='tsod.plus-1.gold.uktv.co.uk';                     -- Gold +1
 update channel set xmltvid='34898' where xmltvid='tsod.plus-1.goodfood.uktv.co.uk';                 -- Good Food +1
 update channel set xmltvid='46490' where xmltvid='tsod.plus-1.health.discovery.com';                -- Discovery Home & Health +1
 update channel set xmltvid='29969' where xmltvid='tsod.plus-1.home.uktv.co.uk';                     -- Home +1
 update channel set xmltvid='53059' where xmltvid='tsod.plus-1.itv2.itv.co.uk';                      -- ITV2 +1
 update channel set xmltvid='53060' where xmltvid='tsod.plus-1.itv3.itv.co.uk';                      -- ITV3+1
 update channel set xmltvid='31949' where xmltvid='tsod.plus-1.living.sky.com';                      -- Sky Living +1
 update channel set xmltvid='47658' where xmltvid='tsod.plus-1.more4.channel4.com';                  -- More 4 +1
 update channel set xmltvid='35370' where xmltvid='tsod.plus-1.mtv.co.uk';                           -- MTV +1
 update channel set xmltvid='24112' where xmltvid='tsod.plus-1.nationalgeographic.co.uk';            -- National Geographic +1
 update channel set xmltvid='45510' where xmltvid='tsod.plus-1.reality.cbs.com';                     -- CBS Reality +1
 update channel set xmltvid='24699' where xmltvid='tsod.plus-1.thehistorychannel.co.uk';             -- History Channel +1
 update channel set xmltvid='49969' where xmltvid='tsod.plus-1.uk.syfy.com';                         -- SyFy +1
 update channel set xmltvid='61459' where xmltvid='tsod.plus-1.watch.uktv.co.uk';                    -- Watch +1
 update channel set xmltvid='35706' where xmltvid='tsod.plus-1.yesterday.uktv.co.uk';                -- Yesterday +1
 update channel set xmltvid='24284' where xmltvid='turbo.discoveryeurope.com';                       -- Discovery Turbo
 update channel set xmltvid='21495' where xmltvid='tv5.org';                                         -- TV5Monde Europe
 update channel set xmltvid='17667' where xmltvid='uk.cartoonnetwork.com';                           -- Cartoon Network
 update channel set xmltvid='17431' where xmltvid='uk.syfy.com';                                     -- SyFy
 update channel set xmltvid='24671' where xmltvid='universalchannel.co.uk';                          -- Universal
 update channel set xmltvid='17745' where xmltvid='vh1.co.uk';                                       -- VH1
 update channel set xmltvid='28573' where xmltvid='wales.bbc2.bbc.co.uk';                            -- BBC 2 Wales
 update channel set xmltvid='61458' where xmltvid='watch.uktv.co.uk';                                -- Watch
 update channel set xmltvid='23305' where xmltvid='wild.nationalgeographic.co.uk';                   -- National Geographic Wild
 update channel set xmltvid='18379' where xmltvid='xd.disney.co.uk';                                 -- Disney XD
 update channel set xmltvid='31266' where xmltvid='xtra.1.radio.bbc.co.uk';                          -- 1Xtra BBC
 update channel set xmltvid='31783' where xmltvid='yesterday.uktv.co.uk';                            -- Yesterday