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== Howtos ==
== Howtos ==
[http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Minimyth_Howto| Frontend with PXE Network Boot, Samba/Cifs, tftp]
[http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Minimyth_Howto Frontend with PXE Network Boot, Samba/Cifs, tftp]
== To Do HERE ==
== To Do HERE ==

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Minimyth is a small linux distro containing Mythfrontend and some plugins, designed to be run on Intel, X86_64 and EPIA motherboards supporting hardware acceleration such as VDPAU (Nvidia) and XvMC (Openchrome) thus allowing small fanless frontends

It can be downloaded from here.

Advantages over a Standard OS Install

  • Diskless operation (no noisy HDD system runs in memory)
  • Can boot from PXELinux over network from Backend
  • Small footprint (<70 MB)
  • Fast booting
  • Single point text config file, allowing easy reinstalls, new MythDB etc without upsetting your setup
  • Video offloading combined with low overhead allows use of fanless CPU's (100% silent)
  • Nvidia Proprietary driver with VDPAU
  • All VIA EPIA hardware (e.g. Via XvMC acceleration) is supported
  • Mplayer, VLC & Xine built in as standard
  • LIRC drivers are included
  • Very helpful support forums and package builder

Disadvantages over a Standard OS Install

  • No Myth Archive as this is a heavy set of libraries and scripts


Frontend with PXE Network Boot, Samba/Cifs, tftp


  • Add details on how to add libdvdcss (standard if you build yourself, but has to be added for precompiled
  • Add walkthrough, building from source (garchive), inc what make options etc

Other Notes

Minimyth Main Links

Minimyth Main Website
Documentation, explaining all options in minimyth.conf
Minimyth Downloads
Minimyth Forum