Motorola QIP-2500

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This is apparently a newer model of the DCT-25xx series that Verizon provides as their SD settop box for FIOS subscribers.

General notes: The serial cable you use must have screws on the male end- both of my USB to Serial adapters do not have these, they have a metal screw holes next to the serial port. That kind of adapter will not fit in- the screw holes on the QIP-2500 are on the female (box) side.

Also, changing the channel takes several seconds- if you are watching the screen when the script goes to change the channel, you'll see it punch in each number with a break in between.

As noted on many places on the web, you can get to the diagnostic menu by pressing power, select, select, menu. This houses all sorts of information about the box and the current channel you are on- including it's frequency, encryption status, and PID's.

You can use the same channel changing script as the DCT-25xx family (the archive name should be dct2000serial.tar.gz, extract all of it and use, with the following changes (not mine):

if (not IsAllDigits(cmdarg)):                                     
-       if (len(cmdarg) > 3):                                                                          
+       if (len(cmdarg) > 4):                                                                          
               print "too many chars!"                                                                
-               if (lenc == 3):
+               if (lenc == 4):
-                       if (lenc == 2):
+                       if (lenc == 3):
-                               if (lenc == 1):
+                               if (lenc == 2):
+                               else:
+                                       if(lenc==1):
+                                               chanset="000"+cmdarg
-       for num in [1,2,3]:
+       for num in [1,2,3,4]:

If you want to enable additional remote buttons to be passed in, check the file for the name of the button key you want, then simply apply the changes below, adjusting for your button of choice.

-       if (cmdarg == "l" or cmdarg == "m" or cmdarg == "f" or cmdarg == "u" or cmdarg == "d"):
+       if (cmdarg == "l" or cmdarg == "m" or cmdarg == "f" or cmdarg == "u" or cmdarg == "d"  
+or cmdarg == "p"):                                                                            
               if (cmdarg == "l" ):                                                           
                                               if (cmdarg == "d" ):                           
+                                               else:                                          
+                                                       if (cmdarg == "p" ):                   
+                                                               BUTNKEY=ONOFF