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The music-ui.xml file governs the layout and behavior of the MythMusic Plugin. It consists of the following windows and named attributes:

MythMusic Windows

Window Name Type Description
import_music Window Import music from a given directory.
miniplayer Popup Window The MythMusic miniplayer.
cdripper Window The main CD Rip window.
ripstatus Window Status of an in-progress CD Rip.

The "import_music" window

Widget Name Widget Type Description Required?
location textedit Edit path from which to import music. Yes
directoryfinder button Button to launch file browser to specify import directory. Yes
scan button Scan specified path for music. Yes
coverart button Button to launch coverart browser. Yes
filename textarea The filename of the current item. Yes
compartist textarea Compilation Artist Name. Yes
artist textarea Artist's Name. Yes
album textarea Album Name. Yes
title textarea Title of Track. Yes
genre textarea Genre of Track. Yes
year textarea Year of track. Yes
track textarea Track's number on CD. Yes
position textarea Position within scanned files. (ie 12 of 1364) Yes
status textarea Notification if already in database. Yes
compilation checkbox Checkbox to mark track as part of compilation. Yes
play button Play selected track. Yes
nextnew checkbox Checkbox to mark track as part of compilation. Yes
add button Play selected track. Yes
addallnew checkbox Add all new tracks. Yes
next button Navigate to next scanned track. Yes
prev checkbox Navigate to previous scanned track. Yes