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(Compile and Install MythArchive)
(Compile and Install MythArchive)
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===Compile and Install MythArchive===
===Compile and Install MythArchive===
Note: This plugin requires at least SVN Revision 9846 of MythTV to run
Note: This plugin requires at least SVN Revision 9846 to run
First you need to get the MythArchive source from the myth svn repository.
First you need to get the MythArchive source from the myth svn repository.

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MythArchive is a new plugin for MythTV that lets you create DVDs from your recorded shows, MythVideo files and any video files available on your system. It can also archive recordings in a proprietary format that archives not only the file but also all the associated metadata like title, description and cut list information which will mean you can create backups of myth recordings which can later be restored or it will also allow you to move recordings between myth systems without losing any of the metadata. It is a complete rewrite of the old MythBurn bash scripts, now using python, and the mythfrontend UI plugin. There's also a new web interface in development.

Main Features of the DVD creation part of MythArchive

  • Creates DVDs complete with a themed menu structure
  • New menu themes can easily be added
  • By using different themes you can do things like create auto play DVDs that have no menus etc.
  • Can use not only Myth recordings but also files from MythVideo and any file accessible from your file system
  • Can use mythtranscode to cut out commercials from mpeg2 recordings.
  • If a file isn't an mpeg2 file or the file doesn't have a DVD compliant resolution it will be re-encoded using ffmpeg so it is DVD compliant.
  • Can use any video file that ffmpeg can decode and re-encode to mpeg2.
  • Can re-encode the audio stream to ac3 for better compatibility in NTSC countries.
  • Tries to select the best audio track based on what you have selected as your preferred languages in Myth
  • Can support two audio tracks per title. (not tested fully)
  • Can use single layer or dual layer dvdr's
  • Can use rewritable DVD+/- RW
  • Can force an erase of a rewritable disc
  • Can create an ISO image that can be moved anywhere on your file system possibly so you can burn it on another machine.

Main features of the raw archive format

  • Saves not only the file but also all metadata belonging to the file like its title, description, cut list and markup map etc.
  • Creates a easily parseable xml file containing all the metadata.
  • Can archive to any directory on your file system or can also create an ISO image and optionally burn that image to a DVD.

IMPORTANT - This part is still very much a work in progress and the final archive format may change. Test it by all means just don't rely on the backups being usable until the import part has been written.

MythArchive Installation


The MythArchive plug-in itself does not require anything to compile and install, but the script it uses has the following dependencies that need to be installed before it will work properly:

  • Python - v2.3.5 or later
  • mysqldb module for python (dev-python/mysql-python on Gentoo)
  • imaging (PIL) module for python (dev-python/imaging on Gentoo)
  • mjpegtools - v 1.6.2 or later
  • dvdauthor - v 0.6.11
  • ffmpeg - v 0.4.9
  • dvd+rw-tools - v5.
  • cdrtools - v2.01
  • transcode (optional only need for tcrequant)

The versions above are what are currently being used by me on Gentoo.

Compile and Install MythArchive

Note: This plugin requires at least SVN Revision 9846 to run

First you need to get the MythArchive source from the myth svn repository.

svn co http://svn.mythtv.org/svn/trunk/mytharchive

change into the mytharchive source directory and run the configure script. Use the same prefix you used to install mythtv.

$ cd mytharchive
$ ./configure --prefix=/usr/local

Compile and install mytharchive

$ make
# make install (as root)

How to use MythArchive

If you run mythfrontend there should now be two extra menu items. One runs the MythArchive plugin the other shows MythArchive's settings pages.

IMPORTANT - The first thing you should do is check the settings. Make sure you set the temp work directory setting. There should be a lot of space at this location for the script to create all its work files. Change the video format to what you want the script to use (PAL, NTSC) and change the location of your DVD drive. Most of the other setting shouldn't need changing unless some of the tools are not in your PATH in which case you will have to supply the full path so the script knows where to find them.

Now you can run the MythArchive plugin. First you need to cue some files for archiving from the "Find Files To Archive" menu. You can choose MythTV recordings, MythVideo files or any media file accessible from your filesystem.

Next you select items you would like to burn from the "Export Video File" menu. If available you can tell MythArchive to use the cut list to cut out commercials. If you need to edit the details of an item. Press 'MENU' and select "Edit Details" to show the 'Edit Details Dialog'.

Next select a menu theme.

Finally review what files have been selected and if you are happy click 'Finish' to start the DVD creation process. You can monitor the progress in the log viewer or exit the log viewer and continue to use myth.


  • Up/Down/Left/Right - move focus/change selection
  • Select - activate push button/toggle selection
  • Exit - return to myth main menu
  • C - toggle use cut list


  • MythArchive doesn't work. It gets to the log viewer and just sits there. Whats wrong?

The most common reason for this is python is missing some required modules. The script requires imaging (PIL) and mysqldb both of which are not part of a standard python install so have to be installed separately.

  • Why does MythArchive take a lot longer than the old MythBurn to create a DVD?

The old MythBurn scripts would add any mpeg to a DVD even if it didn't have a DVD compatible resolution. MythArchive on the other hand tries to make sure the DVDs it creates are as close to the DVD standard as possible and will re-encode any files that don't have a DVD compliant resolution.

  • How can I speed up DVD creation?

If you use an encoder card that creates mpeg2 files and allows you to set the capture resolution (PVR-x50 for example) then you can save a lot of time by setting the capture resolution to a DVD compliant resolution.

For PAL countries they are 720x576, 704x576, 352x576 and 352x288

For NTSC countries they are 720x480, 704x480, 352x480 and 352x240

  • My created DVDs play OK but the audio is out of sync with the video?

This can usually be fixed by telling the script to always run mythtranscode --mpeg2 to fix any errors in a file. You do this by setting the 'Always run MythTranscode' option on the MythArchive settings page.