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This Guide is for MythGame for MythTV 0.19 or later.

This guide describes only the installation, general setup, pc games and use of MythGame. If you need a guide how to setup different emulators in MythGame look at: Configuring MythGame Emulation.

What is MythGame

MythGame is a starter for games and emulators, so they can be run from within MythTV. To use it you need a game emulator and ROMS for each game. Alternatively, you need PC-Games which can be started.

Compiling & Installation

Get the Plugins from the SVN Server:

svn co

go into the mythplugins directory, configure, compile & install:

cd mythplugins
./configure --prefix=/usr --disable-all --enable-mythgame
make install


In MythTV you can configure Mythgame. In the general Settings normally you don't need to change anything.

Input Device Setup

Most emulators that MythGame calls can use a keyboard or joystick, but some can also use an LIRC remote. Each emulator has its own quirks and are covered on the MythGame emulator setup page

Emulation Setup

To Setup different Emulators look at the guide: Configuring MythGame Emulation

PC-Game Setup

To Setup PC Games Create a Directory with Scripts which run your different PC Games. (for example: /usr/games/scripts). You also can link the game executable to this directory if you don't want to create a script.

Then you have to create a game-player which runs your scripts.

Player Name: PC-GAMES 
Type: Other
Command: %s
Rom Path: /usr/games/scripts

Game metadata

MythGame can retrieve additional information about games and display box art for the selected game. Some titles will automatically obtain and display the correct metadata for a particular game. If an exact match is not found, you will have to manually perform a search, press Menu (M) the select "Retrieve Details". A list of matching titles will be displayed, where you can select the appropriate one.

MythGame obtains its data from using a script located at /usr/share/mythtv/metadata/Game/