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MythStreamTV is an 'unofficial' add-on to MythWeb which allows you to stream recordings over a network connection. As opposed to MythTV itself, which does this as a matter of course, MythStreamTV transcodes material on the fly to make it more suitable for slower network connections, possibly over the web.


  • MythTV 0.19 or above (different mythtv versions may require different versions of mythstreamtv)

Note: the following options are a minimum for MythStreamTV to work (some binary packages may already have the necessary options enabled)

VideoLan-Client Version 0.8.1 ./configure --disable-x11 --disable-xvideo --disable-gtk --disable-sdl --enable-ffmpeg --with-ffmpeg-mp3lame --with-ffmpeg-zlib --enable-mad --enable-libdvbpsi --enable-a52 --disable-dvdplay --enable-dvdnav --enable-vorbis --enable-ogg --enable-theora --enable-mkv --enable-freetype --disable-cddax --disable-vcdx --enable-speex --enable-flac --enable-goom --enable-livedotcom --enable-caca --disable-skins2 --enable-modplug --enable-debug --enable-gpl --enable-mp3lame --enable-pp --with-ffmpeg-tree=/video/extra/ffmpeg-cvs-2004-11-10

ffmpeg ./configure --disable-x11 --disable-xvideo --disable-gtk --disable-sdl --enable-ffmpeg --with-ffmpeg-mp3lame --with-ffmpeg-faac --with-ffmpeg-zlib --enable-mad --enable-libdvbpsi --enable-a52 --disable-dvdplay --enable-dvdnav --enable-vorbis --enable-ogg --enable-theora --enable-mkv --enable-freetype --disable-cddax --disable-vcdx --enable-speex --enable-flac --enable-goom --enable-livedotcom --enable-caca --disable-skins2 --enable-modplug --enable-debug --enable-gpl --enable-mp3lame --enable-pp


Grab a tarball of MythStreamTV from here (not a direct link - read the text in the table to help decide which version is necessary).

Unpack the tarball with tar xvf mythstreamtv.tar (amend as applicable)

Move into the newly created mythstreamtv directory and as root, run ./

Enter the following information:

  • MythStreamTV Directory (The program directory where MythStreamTV will be stored)
  • MythWeb HTTP Directory (Location of MythWeb files.)
  • MythStreamTV Server Address (IP address or hostname you would like to stream from.)
  • MythStreamTV Server Port (Port number you would like to stream from.)
  • MythStreamTV Server Stream Admin Port (This is the port number VLC http admin runs.)
  • MythStreamTV User:Group? (User and group to be used for MythStreamTV Directory.)
  • Path to where vlc is installed (Location of the vlc binary on your system.)

The next step (with 0.19-fixes MythWeb) is to ensure that /contrib/init.php has the line

'streamtv' => null, (note the 'tv' part)

underneath the lines containing

'tv' => null,

'video' => null,

'music' => null,

Using MythStreamTV

At the top of MythWeb there should now be a link that says 'Stream Program'.

When the 'Stream Program' link is clicked, MythWeb should show a list of recorded/recording programs. Select the show/shows you would like to see and click the 'Select Recording and Continue' button.

Now select the Codec and Stream Speed to use and click 'Start Live Stream'. In the Log window a message should appear that the VLC session was able to start succesfully.

Now click the MMS link. If your mimetype has been properly configured it should launch an MMS viewer ie: Mplayer or Window Media Player. If your mimetype for MMS is broken you may enter the MMS link directly into your MMS player.

The MythStreamTV admin port connects locally and does not need to be opened from an external firewall. MythWeb launches a script that sends the command to the vlc admin port locally and controls the stream.

  • If no video is selected, MythStreamTV will kill the current VLC session being streamed. The "Stop Streaming" button can also be used to kill the streaming.


For installation help or bugs please visit the support forum on SourceForge