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Notes on building a Docker image containing a MythTV backend and open content for interoperability testing, e.g. at UPNP/DLNA/other plugfests (the primary target is to get UPNP implementation bugs fixed with regard to our improved MediaServer:4 in release 0.28). As a side effect the docker image can be used in automated testing / screenshot generation scenarios of multimedia apps. The app stores prefer to not have unlicensed third party content as part of the listings (secondary target, the licensing for posters and stills usually contains things like "royalty free license for the content to be used for the purpose of promoting the actual movie" which promoting an unrelated app does not qualify for.)

Add open movie / series content, please add more open content so we can present a full screen of posters/still for movies/series/episodes.

Setup IPTV Recorder with open content Internet TV channels, know one? please add it

  • here goes the link to the channel